Howdy folk.

As it stands WS18+ is scheduled to launch Global Private RP Server end of March if everything goes according to the plan. Primary goal is to create open play-field for all communities to play on.

Our Core Value at present is as follows:
We provide a server and registration page, and are otherwise neutral. Any community is welcome to play on this server, and we will only intervene in situations where someone is acting maliciously outside of RP reasons. Communities can decide to kick or ban members, but this is to be enforced by those communities, not by us. The goal is to provide a playground for everyone.

What does that mean?
We take a hands off stance and do not police how different communities choose to RP, problems and drama of those communities is none of our business we only want people to be able to RP plus allow mixing between the communities.

Presently launch is planned for End Of March if everything goes well if that deadline can be met, this post will be updated with URL for registration and connection guide.

Where will it be hosted?
Right now two options are being evaluated
1. Luxembourg
2. Moscow

Moscow falls under preference due to better pricing, but there are concerns when it comes to US players in-regards to ping, but ping doesn't matter much in RP if experience with WoW tells us anything.

Events in EU and US RP communities transpired differently what about that?
Well that's where the second value comes in, which is:
Major changes to the world are to be voted on by the community, with every affected community having a representative that votes on the matter. Their vote is weighted based on the size and activity of their community, and 70% of the votes must be in favor. The server owners still get to overrule such changes, if a change would damage the integrity of the world or otherwise negatively affect the server as a whole.

This probably will never be needed but it's better to establish it beforehand if the issue ever arises.

You can find additional information in our discord, please be aware that the channel is not moderated and follows same hands off principle and being part of it isn't a requirement to have access, it's only there for those who want to engage with us outside of RP and also to allow us to gauge potential player-base so we can scale our back-end accordingly.
Discord URL: