What's the full story with the ship she grew up in?

"The Signal" was one of the first ground ships on the initial visit of the Exiles to Arboria. Pinky picked up on the ships' very distinct "song" ( the first ping of her telemechanic abilities ) and was immediately drawn to it and it's captain. After some confusion with the translators, and some conversing with Pinky's parents she was allowed on board for a tour. ( She was about 8 give or take)

The tour wasn't enough and later that night she snuck on board through a breach in the landing gear. Followed the song all the way to the engineering deck and fell in love with it. It was also the site of her first repair: In a maintenance tunnel she found wires and hydraulics lines that were severed and "bleeding" , so she wrapped them up with ripped up pieces of her shirt.

On the day of the Exiles departure, She'd made a necklace as a gift to the captain, but forgot it at her hut. She ran back to get it and upon returning to the launch fields, saw that the ship was already prepped for launch and closed up. In a panic, she made a break for the ship and scrambled up the landing gear supports: The same way she snuck on board the first time, only the legs retracted and the ship took off. She was found weeks later; living in the ducts and vents, stealing food and water. Too late to go back to Arboria, so there she was.

The full story is actually... right here!