>Name: Cornelia Horatius

>Species: Cassian
>Gender: Female
>Age: 30

>Class: Engineer
>Path: Soldier

A highborn cassian serving as an officer, entirely devoted to the Dominion, the Emperor and the Vigilant Church.

>Physical Description:
Cornelia is a young woman with long blond hair, bearing the imperious and haughty air of the cassian highborns, exacerbated by her relatively imposing nose. While not especially tall, she is of athletic build due to her soldier's lifestyle.

Though she may occasionnaly wear clothes worthy of her noble extraction, she generally favors the efficiency and convenience of clothing fit for fighting. Nevertheless, she makes a point of always having tidy hair.

>Personality Profile:
Cornelia is a noble, but a soldier above all. Heir to a dynasty of officiers, war is not only her work, it's her vocation. She despise the weak and the coward. She somewhat shares the disdain that every highborn feel towards the lower citizens.
Very pious and entirely devoted to the Emperor and the Vigilant Church, she is convinced of the superiority of the Cassians and their rightfulness to reign on Nexus as heirs to the Eldans. The blasted heretic Exiles are only worms that the Dominion must crush under its boot without mercy.

Born Cornelia Metellus, Cornelia descend from a noble line of soldiers devoted to the Dominion. Her future was already decided since her birth, and she accepted it without hesitation. Following the path of her illustrious ancestors, she entered the army and became en officer.

Her family being made mostly of soldiers, they don't lack prestige, but lack wealth. It is therefore customary in her family to arrange marriages with noble families that are in the opposite situation. Thus, Cornelia married Lord Horatius, a spaceship hatch joint magnate, immensely wealthy but unable to hold a weapon. This way, she can draw from his considerable fortune, while her husband beneficiate from his in-law's prestige without having to serve in the army. Love has no place in this marriage. Cornelia never loved her coward of a husband, fat, spineless and sluggish. As for him, he would have prefered someone more caring and gentle.

Cornelia chose to be sent on Nexus with her unit. This also allowed her to move away from her indolent husband…

Cornelia served several years in one of the imperial legions, doing all she could to get Nexus rid of the Exiles scum. Already very pious, she felt the fact of walking the sacred earth of the Eldans as an immense honor and a blessing. Her faith never cessed to strenghten in contact with the creations of the Eldan, on this planet where they became gods, breathing the very air that they had once breathed. That was very naturally that she decided, at the end of her enlistment, not to enlist again in the imperial army but to join the Vigilant Church and serve within the Radiant Legion.

Between two missions for the Church, Cornelia used the money sent each month from Cassus by her husband to buy a housing terrain from Protostar and build a manor and a private chapel.

>Talents and weaknesses:
As a soldier, Cornelia is a skilled fighter. Being a cassian of light build, she is more dangerous with guns than in a hand-to-hand fight, though she has training.
Even if she is a noble, Cornelia is more at ease amongst soldiers. She has a forthright way of thinking and sometimes lacks diplomacy. She also somewhat lacks fantasy.

>Motivations and goals:
Cornelia wishes to serve the Vigilant Church to the best of her capacity. She wishes to crush the traitor scum Exiles who dare breath the sacred air of Nexus.