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[Dominion|Mechari] Operator 17

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NAME: Zeoxis 'Operator Seventeen' Omegalix
RACE: Mechari
AGE: 245
CLASS: Engineer
OCCUPATION: Mechanized Shock Trooper / Mercenary

APPEARANCE - Seventeen stands tall at a height of 9'3" similar to the height of other Mechari. The colors of his body is a mixture of subtle olive drab, light gunmetal grey, and lightly toned black. His body physique consists of muscular, broad, and subtly thick form. The color of his soulcore and eyes is green while short mandibles reside on the side of his head, ending near the edges of his jawline near the chin area while lacking the horn-like protrusions on the upper sides of his head.

Spoiler: Extra physical detailsShow

AESTHETICS - Seventeen's personal selection of attire consists of multiple personalized Power Suits for differing multiple occasions and some casual military fatigues he wears while off-duty. His preferred colors revolve around olive drabs, tans, and differing tones of greys and blacks along with a soft liking towards the Dominion color scheme.

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- - Seventeen's personality consists of a few notable traits. - -
- Heavily Capable -
Being confident and capable to achieve goals is what makes Seventeen quite a competent individual despite his other traits. Allowing him to show no fear nor remorse, often making him either quite inspiring or quite intimidating.
- Hard to amuse -
His often used expression consisting of a blank/dull look with a squint can show that Seventeen can't be easily amused at most times, seeing him ever become amused is quite a rare event to witness.
- Unforthcoming -
Getting to fully know Seventeen can be quite difficult for all those who interact with him, however it is possible to get him to open up about the truth of his past through certain actions and what not.
- Easily angered -
Triggering his anger can often be caused by irritating or frustrating him to an extreme degree which can be quite rare or by taking away his prized personal possession which is his drinking flask that he had most of his life. Another way of triggering him is if someone learns of the tragedy that happened in his past and proceed to use it as a way of taunting him.

Spoiler: BackstoryShow

- - Talents - -
- Expert in Heavy Weapons and Power Armor
- A Connoisseur of Alcohol.. Sort've..
- A very inspiring individual to all
- Alcoholism
- - Weaknesses - -
- Using the tragedy of his past to taunt him, driving him into complete anger
- Alcoholism
- Did I mention Alcoholism?

Due to the constant abuse of alcohol, Seventeen has managed to lose a few key memories of the past involving his real name, now the mechari is going through great lengths on trying to figure out his original identity, even if it involves near-death situations.

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Currently 100% complete.
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112 days in the making, it is finally finished!

I deserve a helicopter ride in ArmA 3... Yeah, I'm gonna go do that.
Posted Dec 5, 18 · OP