(Author's note - Those familiar with Kitty are aware of her broken speech. In this story she's mostly speaking Arborian with occasional lapses)

Late Evening - Sylvan Glade

Even operating in stealth mode the helo was loud... loud enough to wake several of the residents. The brave were rewarded with a sight of the attack vehicle making a rapid landing. Many were convinced the speed the pilot maintained was going to splinter the pad. Despite their fears the pilot swung the fuselage just enough to brake and shed the velocity needed to set it down square.

The door cracked open and two large granok emerged. Both were heavily armed and acted with the confidence of those that knew what they were doing. As soon as they hit the ground they each took a position on either side of the door. Following them a shorter than average light blue haired aurin woman descended the steps to the ground. She was dressed in ornate Arborian ceremonial garb. It was noted later that the style was reminiscent of that worn by persons close to the matrias of the central Greater Lansawood.

A younger Glade Guard approached warily. The woman spat out a demand in crisp formal Arborian. The guard gave one of the granoks a confused look, "Huh?"

"Don't look at me bub. Ah don't speak the language."

The woman sighed and asked again. "Look ked... coul' yah git a consort or head watcher... whut Ah gots ta say es too 'mportan' fer mah grasp a Intergal."

The guard bolted. Several minutes later he returned with an older aurin woman that sported Watcher insignia. The new guard looked over the vistor for a moment paying attention to the embroidered symbols. Eyes widened she gave a respectful bow and asked in clipped Arborian "Welcome honored one what brings you to Sylvan Glade?"

"I am on a mission of import to my tribe. One of our consorts is trapped within the Weave very close to here. As emissary of Evunsolus I request the aid of Yaenna."

"My apologies honored one she is unavailable. Consort Felia is available though."

The visitor inclined her head. "As long as she is trained in the art of the Weave her assistance will be most appreciated."

The older aurin nods and sends the younger guard to retrieve the consort. While waiting the two women chat about Arboria. While their respective villages lived far apart they both faced the same day to day struggles and joys.

The younger guard returned preceded by a freshly wakened Felia. The visitor gave her a bow. "Greetings Consort. I am Kella Lansaheart, emmisary of Evunsolus. One of our consorts is trapped and attempting to cross a portal to Sylvan Glade."

Felia blinked "Oh Weave, that's terrible! Do I have time for tea to clear my head?"

The visitor looks a bit pained and replies "Yes, that probably for the best. There's additional information you should be aware of if we can speak in private."

Felia nodded and led the way to a neat and comfortable dwelling. The two granok trailed behind and set up watch at the house's entrance. Kella followed the consort inside the residence. Felia snapped her fingers at a copper pot. Fire arced from her hand to the pot and flash boiled its contents. She pulled down a smaller container of tiny black leaves and tapped a generous amount into a mug followed by water from the screaming kettle. "Would you care for any Emmisary? I have others that are less harsh."

Kella smiled and shook her head, "Perhaps another time when we can have a proper service."

Felia nodded and held her mug while the leaves steeped. "You mentioned other information?", she prompted.

"I'm not as aware of the details as I'd like but my sister has dealt with corruption within the Weave a few years ago. I've been told that what's trapped her is the same or similar to what we thought was dealt with."

"Weave", gulps Felia, "Do you expect trouble?" the water was just cool enough for her to take a long sip.

"I always expect trouble." Kella replied while nodding to the door.

"Then I'll need backup of my own." Felia picked up a holo and made a quick call then hung up. By the time she finished with her tea two more consorts and two senior guards joined them. "That should do it. Do you know where the portal should be?"

"I do, the hoogle grove at the base of your tree."

"Very well" Felia motioned for Kella to take the lead.

As Kella exited the building she spoke to one of the granok, "Cap'n, et's showtime"

With a quick salute, "Yes Major." He turned to the other. "Yah heard her Slim let's move"

Kella leaned towards Felia with a quiet aside "Probably best to keep the curious away just in case."

Felia nodded and directed one of the guards to arrange crowd control.

The party made their way to the grove. Kella removed her robe and focused. Nanite constructed combat armor formed around her. When that process completed she took out a handheld device and pointed it in various directions. At one point she walked forward about five meters and stopped. "Consort, what can you sense if you stand here and face that direction?"

Felia stepped up towards Kella and concentrated. "Oh Weave what a stink! ... and wait... there's somebody there! And a half formed portal, if I just..."

Kella firmly shook Felia, "Do not. Not until we're ready."

Felia blinked. "Wha? Oh yes, yes of course."

Kella nodded to the noks who quickly assembled what looked like a tripodded sniper rifle. She turned back to Felia, "What I'd like you to do is to open the portal, grab the person on the other side, pull them through and then destroy the portal. That should minimize what comes though. Hopefully none but I don't want to take any unnecessary chances, not this close to a Wise One."

Felia turned to the other consorts "Mylla once I get this portal open you help Kella's consort. Tavi I want you to be backup." She then speaks to one of the guards "I trust you'll figured it out."

The guard replied "Yes ma'am. Don't take unnecessary risks."

Felia looked to Kella who nodded back. "On my mark. 3... 2... 1..." Felia counted down as she, Mylla, and Tavi gathered Weave energies. On 1 Felia completed the portal in a bright flash of light. A horrid odor wafted through as dark tendrils grew rapidly in its direction. Mylla spotted the struggling woman that was bound by the tendrils. She flung a score of espernetic daggers into the portal's maw severing enough of them to free the girl.

"Tavi! Help pull her!" Both women manifested espernetic hands that grasped the woman and pulled her towards the portal. The granok Captain used a handgun that hurled green bolts while the other granok used the sniper rifle to burn large patches of tendrils. Kella sprouted claws and shredded any tendrils that made it past the portal's threshold.

As the woman approached the portal with the help Mylla and Tavi several tendrils gave up trying to get through and instead wrapped themselves tightly around her limbs. Kella snarled "Oh no yah don'!" she flicked her wrists and her blades erupted in the same green fire projected by the granoks' weapons. Strong precision cuts severed the tendrils and the woman flew through the portal. "Shut et! Shut et now!"

With the portal now clear the granoks filled the opening with a steady stream of green destruction. Felia resealed the portal then threw a large burst of Weave energy at it. The resulting shockwave threw everybody to the ground.

Kella scrambled over to the dark haired aurin. "Ellie! Ellie!" The woman was shaking and crying. She was curled around a large bundle clutched in a death grip.

"Ellie, it's Kella. You're safe, you're safe... can you hear?" Kella held her.

Between the sobs the dark aurin looked up. "Oh.. oh Kella I had to..."

"Had to what dear?"

"I had to save them..."

"Save what?"

Ellie opened the bundle. Inside were hundreds of tiny seed pods. All the color drained out of Kella's face and Mylla gasped horrified "Are... are those memory pods?"

Hoarsely Kella asked, "Ellie, whose are they?"

"Tersylisev" Ellie's eyes rolled back in head.

"Thet ain' poss'ble! Ellie? Ellie!"

Tavi was kneeling near the dark aurin. "Emissary she's suffering severe psychic trauma and physical exhaustion. It is imperative she gets care now."


Felia put her hand on Kella's shoulder, "She's completely out. I'm afraid it'll be some time before she's up to any questioning."

Kella looks straight into Felia's eyes "It can't be Tersylisev... he died in the Ravaging. He's long been part of the Weave."

Felia gives Kella a sympathetic look. "That mystery will have to wait. Your friend..."

"Sister... Elsa's my sister."

Felia smiles, "Your sister will have to stay here until her strength returns."

The granok had been quitely disassembling the hardware and packing it up. The captain lumbered over. "C'mon Kitty, let's go. How many times have yah told us ta get out of the medics' hair so they can do their jobs."

She frowned and let Elsa go. Tavi and Mylla directed their guards to make a stretcher. Once completed they carefully picked up Elsa and carried her away.

Kella pointed at the bundle. "Those are coming with me." She then looked around the grove with the handheld and scraped up all of the tendril residue. Turning towards Felia, "Everything looks clear. You've got the stink of it?"

Felia made a face and nodded. "Yes. You expect it to return?"

"Maybe. I don't know its motives yet or even if it has any. But just in case I missed some you should sniff around at least once a day for the next couple weeks."

"I'll inform Yalenna"

Kella nods. "Thank you for your help. We'll have a proper tea when I'm less stressed."

"I look forward to it. And we'll do everything we can for your sister."

"Appreciated" Kella waves to the noks and they head for the helo.