Versillis Danik aka Versi or V












Versillis joined the space program for her father more-so than herself; though she joined as a medic and researcher because of her passions against her fathers wishes who had wanted her to join as a warrior. After just a short time in the program; she is now fielding her own research among new territory on Alizar.

>Physical Description:

Short curly red hair that frames a heart shaped face; green eyes; pale skin and a speckle of freckles across her nose and cheek bones. She is short standing at about 5'2 with a hourglass figure though she chooses to dress in loosely fitting clothing for sake of comfort over looks.

Her choice in clothing ranges from bright cloths and masks to leathers and goggles depending on her surroundings. She has never cared much about her wardrobe and chooses to focus more on practicality over all else unless prior requested.
>Personality Profile:

Versillis follows the beat of her own drum; choosing the more positive and opportunistic approach. She tends to use logic regardless of the task at hand and has a tendency to get lost in though to often. She comes off as shy at first; but quickly warms to those who share a love of intellect and lost history.

((More to come later as her story develops; things will be changed/added soon!))
>Talents and weaknesses:
>Motivations and goals: