Two aurin women stand watching a work crew hoist a large crate to the top of a tower. Underneath graffiti and port stamps the vague outline of a Dominion military stencil is visible. The younger of the two squints up and frets.

"You suuuuure that's gonna work Kella?", she asks.

"Lilli et'll tek care a enythin' flyin' bigger than a taxi an tha ward-off field'll mek sure tha rest stay out. B'sides thar's four a 'em.", replies her companion.

Lilli frowns, "Why not Exile guns?"

The older aurin giggles. "Jus' whut mah guy had on hand. B'sides don' really wants ta d'prive FCON a thar toys now does we?"

"Ah guess not." She shivers. "Ugh my stomach's in a knot. Ah can't believe this'll actually happen."

Kella smiles warmly at her. "Ya'll be fine love an yah needs ta do som'in other'n werkin' tha d'stillery."

"But... but... Da! And it's the family business. And... and... ugh Ah feels like a traitor." Her shoulders slump.

Kella brushes Lilli's bangs out of her eyes and lifts her chin. "Hun. Sam knows whut 'e's doin' an has exc'llent biz sense. B'sides, et'll do tha place good ta get someone else ta helps out. Da's bein' silly 'bout keepin' et jus' fam'ly."

Lilli groans. "He hates me now and how the heck did he find out about the place?"

Chuckling, "He don' eithers. He's jus' ter'fied thet he cain't p'tect yah. An' don' worry 'bout whut he saids 'bout the neutral zone. Lots a scars ta get over. He's seen Bligh'haven an tha Defile. Deep down he knows neither us nor tha Doms es 'nuff ta deal wit thet on our own. Mebbe we needs more places like thes ta break down tha pol'tecs."

A large granok approaches the women. "Major, everything's green. Ready fer a live-fire test when you are ma'am."

"Ah tol' yah, Ah'm r'tired. And a mum, so no FCON fer me no more." She grins up at the 'nok who just chuckles. "Gots some fresh kegs from Badox, you and tha crew take a breather, 'k?"

"Whatever yah say Kitty." The granok lets loose a yell "BEER HERE!" Whoops and yells erupt from the workers as the swarm the chow tent.

Kitty holds her datachron next to Lilli's and beams an app across. "Go 'head."

Stunned, Lilli stares at her incredulous. "You want -me- to test the guns?"

"Wat? Nooonono." She giggles. "Sorries. Yeah, yah'll needs to know how to manage thems but not now. Hit thet button." Kitty points at a vibrantly colored icon that spelled out "Club Lilly Pad" in cursive.

Relieved Lilli taps the icon. Tasteful lights around the clearing turn on and the neon signs on the building illuminated. "Oh... Oh Weave. It's really happening!" She hugs her sister.