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[Dominion] House Dalakan - Paramilitary Organization (RP Guild)

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House Dalakan


House Dalakan was a prominant Highborn family on Cassus, especially in the centuries immediately following the Brightland Rebellion. Originally a mercantile focus, the House first fell out of favor in the decades pre-Nexus. It was only in the last decade that House Dalakan pulled itself back onto the social map with swift, decisive victories on Nexus and shrewd alliances.

House led by Lady Sylyss Dalakan


Valiant – House Dalakan's military branch is organized exactly as one would expect. Ranked higherarchy, security patrols, combat deployments, and regular cooperative actions with the Empire's Legions. Any member of the House with a keen skill for direct combat is welcome among the Valiants.
Led by Legate Falfnir

Dark Blade – The black ops force of the House. A collection of scouts, con men, thieves, hackers, and assassins, who might otherwise put their questionable talents to ill use, instead have chosen to serve House Dalakan. They retrieve key intelligence and reconnaissance, and work to destabilize their enemies. Their covert work may not be as visible as their counterpart branches, but it is no less necessary.
Led by Director Sylyss Dalakan

Ethereal – The research, logistics, and medical branch of the House. Engineers, doctors, researchers, pilots, merchants all have a role to better the Empire, and the Ethereals focus on these talents. There are many projects going on at once and most of it is hands on, actually build and or developing new inventions, weapons, medical procedures, business deals, or even ship maintainence to aid the House.
Led by Keeper of Technology Haephelon Rix

Extended Groups

Immediate Response & Interdiction - A special force of shock troopers who use the high mobility of high altitude insertion and plasmacore power-armor flightsuits to spearhead offensives and deploy rapidly to threats against the Dominion.
Led by Lance Leader Kolkra Vivek

OOC Information
We are a growing family, and hope to continue to thrive and flourish here on Nexus! If House Dalakan sounds like interesting to you, apply today! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and speak to our guild matriarch or one of our officers in-game.

-- We are a heavy RP guild with a focus on running in-depth, GM'd storylines, regular events, and work on PvE and PvP content on the side.
-- We use a /roll based system, complete with optional character sheets.
-- We offer consistent, weekly activities for all members; including combat, medical, research, engineering
-- We maintain several in-guild RP-hubs where members can gather at any time to RP casually just like the public hubs; including a space station, barracks, parlor (with hotsprings, karaoke, sparring arena, food and drink), medical facilities, and research facilities
-- We offer a wide variety of IC tasks and storylines for those invested in the serious and sometimes gritty nature of Nexus
-- We have a helpful officer staff ready to answer questions and RP OOC/IC any time we're on.
-- We have a highly experienced team of GMs for RP events
-- OOC guild-chat and an IC comm-channel chat so you can banter with your cohorts or arrange meetings ICly super-fast and easy in-game. We also have our website and a discord server to help keep arranging in-game RP super-easy even when you can't get on!

What to expect if you apply (at
--Answer this question: Why would my character want to join a paramilitary/research organization aligned to the laws of the Dominion? (seriously, if you have an answer ready for this, even a very simple one, you're doing great!)
--give us about 24 hours to have a chance to review your app! No biggie, we just want a chance to read it!
--with an approved app, one of our officer crew will either reach out to you, or you can ping us in-game, and we'll get you an OOC guild-invite to make scheduling your IC-interview scene easier!
--Once one of the officers (or approved House member character) handles an IC-interview scene with your character, this uses RP to confirm your character as a member of the Dalakan organization ICly! Your OOC guild rank is upgraded to reflect your full membership, and you will be added to one of the branch circles to reflect your IC-ranking and branch membership.
--Note: Don't panic about choosing a branch! Character-specific situations can be arranged, and all branches cross-deploy and work together at all times. Only the super-secret Dark Blades ever have branch-only events, everything else is available to all characters in the House ICly.

Current Command Staff if you have questions:
Leader: Sylyss Dalakan

Legate Falfnir
Alako Sovak/Haephelon Rix/Judith Lance
Kolkra Vivek/Meyoline Medmji

Usual Activity Time:
--Sundays at 9pmEST
--Tuesdays at 9pmEST
--Wednesdays at 7pmEST and 10pmEST
--Thursdays at 7pmEST every other week and 10pmEST every week
--and special story events will be scheduled as needed for storylines!
Posted Jul 16, 18 · OP
*little bump* always recruiting!
Posted Aug 31, 18 · OP
For clarity: With the servers shutting down at some point confirmed, you can consider HD recruitment halted. We will be focusing on maintaining events for our current members until the servers are dead.
Posted Sep 11, 18 · OP