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Hallo, Hello, Hey there...Aloooooha!

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Greetings and Felicitations!

I'm...newish to Wildstar? I played casually about two years ago for a month and never teamed once. So, yeah. I'm new.

I've played a bunch of PnP RPs in my time, and a few MMOs as well. That said, I'm not the greatest MMO rper. I'm not horribad...but I'm not aces either.

I've gone by a few names over the years, but you can call me Aris.

Currently I'm exploring RP of a high-born Cassian Spellslinger named Lanceare Hebeninos. Lance for short. So far what I know is that he's young and awkward, respectful of authority to the point of flattery, and most definitely class conscious when it comes to other Cassians. (Thank you Nilana, Hadrian, and everyone else at the Outpost for the opportunity to discover that!)

I'm not familiar with WS lore yet. Also pretty vague on slang. And teaming. And...well...yeah. As I said, I'm a newb...

...but a proactive newb!

Look forward to meeting more of you, figuring out The Stuff (tm), and all like that. ;)

(EDIT: Forgot to mention: I *ADORE* Wildstar's art style. Absolutely beautiful, unique, and...well, just everything one could want in the visual style of an MMO. Gorgeous!)
Posted Jun 10, 18 · OP · Last edited Jun 10, 18
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Heyoooo! Good to see you here, and welcome to Wildstar! Lance was wonderful and I'm hoping to see more of him soon. :)
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Posted Jun 11, 18