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Wildstar or not Wildstar ? Looking eagerly for a MMORPG with Good Rp

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Hello, lovely people of the internet !

I am a French guy who used to play SWTOR a lot on Rp serv. I did Rp like crazy and have kept good memories of this. But it was like three years ago, things have changed and I'm not sure SWTOR still has what it takes to provide the experience I want.

So, I looked up some MMORPGs and am left unsure about which one would be worth my time. Wildstar showed up some times during my researches.

I don't know the first thing about this game (it's like in space or at least in a futuristic world with furry people and humans and a bunch of other races... And well, that's it). So I haven't started playing the game, I still decided to install it, IN CASE I decide to play it. So to summarize : I will play if I think I can enjoy the Rp here !

I like the fact that this Rp forum is active, that there is a big "RP GUIDE" in flashy colours with several things very interesting to read, I feel like newbies are welcomed and I hope it's true.

So I've read the "ressources and frequently asked questions" and have taken a glimpse at the Timeline, even though I didn't understand any of it (But I saw the links to the Lore content so I'll look that up !)

From what I've seen, the Rp Community is pretty active (btw, I will be playing on Eu serv) but I've seen as well that "Public Rp" isn't a thing and people are freely Rping in Stronghold-like places. Well, do any of you have advice of what I should to first when I'll reach the famous lvl 14 that allows me to access those places ?
Are some of those places always active ? Shall i wait for events ? I would like to play a character with minimal backstory to make him grow through Rp as I, as a player, will learn more about the Lore and the people with whom I will Rp. I don't know yet which faction I would join, but since it might change my options on Rp possibilites (I've seen there is one discord per faction, but is there a global one by any chance ?) I'll probably check them out right now either way so I can tell you guys, more about what I might do...

Well, it seems like a long post and I'm probably forgetting 80% of the questions I wanted to ask originally, but I guess delving into a new game out of the blue for Rp reasons needs that kind of questions ?

Just to be clear, I'm currently not interested a bit in PvE / PvP, even though, I know if I like the game and the Rp with you guys, I will do both with pleasure !

Oh, further questions regarding this issue :
- I need to be level 14 to start Rp : How long would it take ? And do I need to get to higher level quickly for Rp purposes ?
- I've read that PvE is VERY repetitive and boring here. Is it true ? :o

Well... Many thanks for reading all of this. Advice of any kind are most welcomed !
Posted May 20, 18 · OP · Last edited May 20, 18
Getting to level 14 is pretty quick. Can knock it out in an afternoon.

PvE is not boring at all. I've been playing this game since launch, and have been totally hooked by the PvE content. It's not for everyone, but I absolutely love it -- the gameplay is very engaging, moreso than any other MMO I've played.

I can't speak to the EU server at all, but the NA server sees nightly RP venues being open, as well as several plots that are open 24/7 for people to go to and announce that they're fishing for RP. There are also many circles/guilds active on NA that run internal RP stories, etc on a regular basis.

Public RP isn't done as much because the Housing system is so amazing that players end up creating stuff that looks much cooler and is more inviting for RP than most places that can be found in the game.

Hope this helps.
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Posted May 20, 18