Thought I would lay this down here too!

Expect about a week or so for delivery depending on the size of my queue, which can be found at the link 'Trello Board'.

If someone else is paying for you, there are some extra steps to be taken:
  • They will need to personally agree to the payment through a Google form I have set up if this is a USD transaction.
  • They will have to pay upfront.

Commission option:
Character references:
Character personality:
Payment type:
Paypal email: (if paying in USD, otherwise n/a)
In game name:

Please be sure to have all of your information ready immediately.
Please be upfront if someone else is paying for you in USD as there is an alternative process for this that will be discussed.

Feel free to drop me an email or DM if you have questions! Thanks for reading!

Trello Board