Name: Adam Skelland
Species: Exile Cassian
Gender: Male
Age: 28 (as of 1669 AE)
Mode of Speech: Cockney; jaunty

Class: Spellslinger
Path: Explorer

Overview: An easy-going, amiable explorer with a taste for adventure, although he tends to run away from imminent danger

Physical Description: Around 6 foot; lightly-built; Caucasian; brown hair and eyes; despite the many dangers he retreated from, he bears no scars of any kind

Aesthetics: Likes to dress in what he thinks is a cool gunslinger attire (trenchcoat, brown trousers and boots); keeps his hair short

Personality profile: Optimistic; Amiable; Incautious, seeks adventure despite his cowardice; likes to meet new people

When his father left to join the ongoing fight against the Dominion, Skelland was left under the care of his doting mother, who, despite her inherent resent for the Dominion, did not want her son to die in the battlefield like the absent father. Instead, as he and his remaining family sailed the cosmos in their tumbledown spaceship, the stories of distant worlds and the occasional glance at the infinite universe outside their cabin window filled the lad with a lust for adventure.

When the news had arrived on the discovery of Nexus, Adam knew that he would be among those who would help discover new depths and heights, uncover hidden corners, and learn on the alleged homeworld of the Eldan. So as he reached young adulthood, he left his mobile home for Nexus, a backpack full of preservatives and provisions over his shoulders and a gleam in his eyes.

Talents: Has competent knowledge on archaeology; can do some pretty slick tricks with his guns
Weaknesses: Not entirely confident in combat; makes foolhardy rushes into danger

Motivations and goals: Explore the secrets of Nexus, obtain a reputation as an explorer