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[Entity] Haven's Reach, an Arcterra based RP Hub

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The Haven Research Expedition mission is one of two folds. The primary objective for the expedition is the research of Arcterra and Haven's Reach particular unusual weather and energy patterns compared to the rest of the continent. COGs has provided the initial funding for this expedition and research to better understand Nexus and more specifically Arcterra. The secondary objective for Haven's Reach is to establish a new frontier settlement for members of COGS, and other neutral parties who seek to be on the cutting edge of science. (or perhaps seeking to avoid past allegiances)

Visitors and other explorers alike are welcome to ply their trade and work with the expedition or on their own to discover and experience the wonders and harsh environment that is Arcterra. No matter what the purpose Haven's Reach offers plenty of opportunity.

Haven's Reach has various methods of arrival that anyone can take advantage of. A transmat pad and transport craft landing pad are available for anyone who seek to arrive and depart from the region. Due to the proximity of Haven's Reach to the coast reaching the region by sea is also a viable option.

As more people come to interact and shape the outpost into a genuine settlement the more variety and ways people can find and make their way to Haven's Reach.
Available Regions
  • Frozen Lowland
  • Ravenok Valley
  • Boreal Shores

Future Regions
  • Razorwind Canyon
  • Snowgreen Retreat


The Civics division of the expedition is focused around the advancement and growth of the expedition's outpost and settlement. They ensure supplies are regular and the needs of the people inhabiting the outpost are met.

The Havenguard are the expedition's primary defensive force. They handle the protection of the outpost and research units in the field. The Havenguard are on constant vigil to maintain the well-being of the settlement and personnel of the expedition.

The main branch of the expedition. While the type of research may vary from person to person the overarching branch is dedicated to study of Arcterra and its environs. The researchers drive the objectives of the expedition and often relay on the other two division to aid them in getting the equipment and security needed to accomplish their goals.
There is no currently planned research established.


Train Station
Status: Unstarted

Plot Builder: Daxx Wayfar

Circle Admins: Chimer Vesta, Daxx Wayfar
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Should be interesting to watch this develop.
Posted Mar 11, 18