I figured it was about time I introduce myself and post some character bios. I have been playing Wildstar for a little over a year now, and roleplaying through various mediums for more than ten years. I followed Guy from Lord of the Rings Online and now I roleplay frequently with the Fantastic Enterprises crew (Tumblr here), Mint Julep, and others I have met through open roleplays and events.

I am so glad to be a part of the community here and for the talented roleplayers I have met along the way.

You can call me by any of my character's names - here is an overview!

Marko Lovás: Before the outbreak of the Contagion, Marko was a famous chef on Grismara. But on Nexus, hardly anyone knows his name. He has a passion for fine cuisine and a refined palate, despite his dulled sense of taste. Though he is narcissistic to a fault, almost everyone he meets is enchanted by his charisma. He also has a love of puns, particularly those which involve his surname.

Mica Stonefall: Obsessed with technology and robotics, yet deeply spiritual, Mica is something of a walking contradiction. Fresh from the planet Gnox, he feels rather out of place on Nexus and is only just learning to understand other races and their customs. He is a solitary fellow who rarely smiles because he takes himself very seriously. He can usually be found creating software for his projects, writing in his big book, or taking a mud bath. Mica enjoys vitamins, minerals, and long meditation sessions. Full WSRP Bio

Rafael Bravo: A benevolent and open-minded escort. Above all else, Rafael values love, kindness, and strong friendships. He is very sex positive, so he believes that pleasure and intimacy, in whatever form, are the key to living a happy life. Indeed, most people know that Rafi is a better flirt than he is a fighter. Whether you approve or disapprove of his promiscuous lifestyle, it’s hard not to like Rafi because he probably likes you. Full WSRP Bio

Yora Ivuneq: An unusually well-preserved Mordesh with a serious case of resting bitch face. Despite her constant scowl, Yora has a vulnerable heart. She is always curious, occasionally stubborn, and secretly romantic. Though she may be blunt, she can always be trusted to get the job done. She has a tough reputation, so don’t mess with her or her brother unless you are looking for a fight.