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A Black Star Rises (Hei Xing!)

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On December 9, 1668 AE, a green star suddenly appeared in the Nexus sky. For an hour, it sparkled and flashed, bright enough to cast an eerie green glow on the dark side of Nexus as it radiated a spiral of sickly jade light. Then, for a brief second, it flashed a brilliant, clear yellow, before it winked away to nothing.

Some speculated a super-nova -- others thought it was a meteorite of rare elements burning up in Nexus' atmosphere. Espers and those sensitive to cosmic energies could sense a wave of primal life radiating from the object.

Then, 48 hours later - a strong radio signal could be picked up all over Nexus - and the most popular stations, in both the Exile and Dominion, started to play an advertisement:

"Greetings and Salutations, adventurous citizens of Nexus!

As a representative of The Gold Lotus, the newly appointed chair holders of the Seat of Commerce, I am elated to announce that the Free Trade city of Hei Xing now orbits your planet, and is once again opening itself to galactic business for the first time in eighty years!

We welcome those with money - Nowhere else in the galaxy will you find so many exotic and plentiful goods. Whether you seek great deals on bulk materials, cutting edge technology from the core worlds, or exotic one-of-kind pleasures found nowhere else, we have what you want!

We welcome those seeking to do business - Our market booths are affordable and the traffic is plenty! Wherever Hei Xing goes, business is sure to follow. Once, Hei Xing attracted buyers of every type from all over the galaxy, and it's our hope to restore the free market to its former splendor! A strong galactic demand for Nexus goods makes this an opportune time to bring your business to Hei Xing!

We welcome job seekers - The Black Labs offers affordable time slot shares on its research equipment for those independent researchers looking to escape the bureaucratic hoop-jumping usually required for personal projects; the many merchants that come and go offer plenty of long and short term contracts for mercenaries looking for some beer money; the amount of ship traffic ensures an ever constant demand for mechanics and pilotes; and! if nothing else, the recent boom of business means there's plenty of work for entry-level labor wanting to get their foot in their vacuum-doors of a ship crew!

Hop in a Taxibot or ping a docking request to channel T113 and see what wonders you can discover for yourself in Hei Xing

May your stay bring prosperity!


This is to announce that the in-game community of Hei Xing is officially open in character!

Some of you have been following Hei Xing's success, and I'm happy to say you can now visit it! To those who haven't heard of it, Hei Xing provides a Dystopian Fantasy-Cyberpunk atmosphere for anyone seeking a seedy X-Faction world of steel, magic, and shadows that still abides to Wildstar's lore.

The "Jade Dragon" Story Arc has reached its conclusion, making the city's market at last safe(ish) in the hands of an honorable(ish) organization.

No longer is the city under the rule of a power-hungry cabal that isolated trade to only with those that served the cabal's interests. The Gold Lotus has taken control of The Seat of Commerce and restored the city to its original legacy - A True Free Market.

Another post has been made (and will continue to be updated!) with the details and nitty-gritty of the city, here:

But no good story would be complete without a credits roll and a look back at everything that happened to reach the end~!

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This is the most impressive open community out there!
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