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Gathering Interest for Community Built Community RP Plot/Hub

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Greetings everyone,

Been largely thinking on the state of RP at least on Exile side and how things are a little sluggish to get going especially for random drop in RP.

There has been past attempts at hub plots however they never quite seem to gain traction. Though trying to find the right formula success has been slow going. With that in mind I'd like to suggest a new approach to empower the RP community.

A Community sourced and built-up community plot focused on generating a living township/settlement that players can feel attached to. In order to do this we need to first gather the interest of what should be put into this plot what sort of locations and points of interest that should be built. Why have a community sourced build project? The short answer is to ensure we have things people want to actually be involved with. Essentially allowing the community to feel attached to what is being built means that there is more reason to be a part of it when its completed.

The next step is to get active users to promote and push the plot forward both in story and in activity. In order to achieve this step I'm proposing a settlement government. Players elected as a council and assigned to fill roles. These roles serve more than just title as they are the ones that should push a story arc agenda forward and help evolve and shape the plot. Now some people may not favor the idea of a government of people making rules over other people; this perspective is fine but the idea behind this is to generate a believable atmosphere that can have people with some authority to guide the direction of the plot. Besides criminal elements and pirates have more meaning when there is a government to undermine!

Things we should do as a community:
  1. Identify a plot theme
  2. Identify key buildings and points of interest
  3. Identify government related roles & duties
  4. Gather building funds & costs
  5. Get Community Builders for each plot
  6. Build the core essential community locations
  7. Startup RP and the story of the plot
  8. Elections
  9. Continue plot construction with a focus on necessary locations

With all this in mind I'd like to provide a few suggests on the direction we can take this

I'm a personal fan of any settlement being established in the Halon Ring Asteroids. Why? The Halon Ring is not necessarily part of the Exile/Dominion conflict its not Nexus proper and can provide a little additional flexibility in having its own ruling body

So an asteroid settlement can be easily started and grow from a central point expanding more and more as the community grows. I'd like to present you with Halon Ring Asteroid 2231
Spoiler: Halon Ring Asteroid 2231 MapShow

Another fun potential for this take on basing things out of the Halon Ring is that a government organization could be named Halon Unified Government or HUG for short.

Is this sort of community hub something we can actually see happening? Is there enough people interested in making something like this happen? I'm sure I've missed or brushed over a lot of fine details in this post but I'm sure we can hammer those out as we get the conversation started.
Posted Dec 10, 17 · OP
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I think it's a great idea, and one that would bring some refreshing breath to the RP scene. I have noticed the opportunities for random RP slowing down, as well, just in the year or so that I've been actively RPing.

However, one thing I've learned from 15 years of building online RP content is that things like this only work if one person is willing to prioritize it long-term. Cool ideas usually receive a flood of support initially, but that fades due to things like lost interest and community turnover. The successful, enduring community projects are the ones that have a consistent ambassador who is willing to put some serious time into establishing visibility.

My advice to you is to consider whether or not you want this to be your main WildStar project for the foreseeable future. If it is, go for it! If not, restructure, and find an idea that's really a passion point for you. Like the parable of the Little Red Hen, people love to partake in something that is already successful, but will often shy away from investing in something that looks like it won't last (and that's a really understandable reservation--especially in a shifting online community). When you want to see something happen, sometimes, you've got to be willing to do it all on your own.

That said, if you lay the groundwork, I imagine you will receive a lot of offers of help from various folks (I'd certainly be willing to chip in, time allowing). The WS communities is one of the most creative and generous I've ever been part of.
Posted Dec 11, 17
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