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[COMPLETED] [NA X-Faction] Mercenary Pilots Wanted for Operation Blue Breach !!

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Lucky Strike Benefactor
Critical Mission Update: This mission has been completed!! Thanks so much for everyone who joined!!


(( This is for a space-fighting event planned for Sunday, November 12th, at 7 PM Eastern, and is expected to run about 3ish hours! Details below!! ))

In the seedier hangouts in Thayd, Illium, and towns all over Nexus, this poster can be found:


[you swipe your datachron over the chip embedded in the poster~]


Scan complete.

No malicious software detected.

No authorization requirements detected.

Opening File...

The Gold Lotus seeks to Establish itself as a reputable and mutually beneficial commerce partner for all brave denizens of the Nexus star system. In accordance to the Proto-Neutral Economic Stimulation rulings, we are a fair-opportunity commerce partner with no political or governmental connections.

We are currently outsourcing contracts for Skilled Pilots to fill crew positions within a Black Albatross artillary bomber as well as those with fighter-craft experience to escort the vehicle to it's destination, as well as standard Conflict Resolution Agents to provide on-board security and maintenance to The Black Albatross.

This particular contract is for Operation: Blue Breach, Phase 1 of our competitive response towards conflicting business organizations.

Specifications: Contractees should expect to fly in, or escort, The Black Albatross towards a none-disclosed orbital platform. Once the destination is within sight, the artillary turrets on The Black Albatross will assist in neutralizing perimeter anti-air defenses, allowing for Phase 2 to commence.

Contractees should be prepared to potentially engage with resisting fighter craft (presumed to be primarily marauder in origin) - with possabilities of engaging corvette-class starships.

Agents of this particular contract have the following assets available at their disposal:

1 Black Albatross space-and-atmospheric "Artillery Bomber."

We are looking to fill the following positions for this job:

Pilot: 1
  • Must be capable of flying class-D starship equipped with C-X hyperloop spindrive and two titan-class super heavy turrets.

Artillery Gunners: 2
  • Must be capable of manning titan-class super heavy turrets designed for long-range precision bombardment.

Fighter Pilot Escorts: up to 6
  • Fighter pilots are desired to provide escort duties to The Black Albatross.
  • Fighter craft can be provided
  • Additional monetary incentive provided to fighter pilots bringing their own fighter craft (desired.)

Conflict Resolution Agent (Mercenary): Up to 5
  • Regular crew members are required aboard The Black Albatross to repair and maintain structural integrity, man sensory and scanning stations, and provide security in the event of a boarding incident.

-The Gold Lotus holds claim to any acquired windfall assets, including but not limited to: Cargo, Weapons, Enemy Bodies. At the firms discretion, assets may be gifted or liquidated to provide larger financial compensation for outsourced agents to establish better rapport.

- The Gold Lotus is an independent third party not affiliated with any government in accordance to the Proto-Neutral Economic Stimulation rulings, and thus, agents should be prepared to work with other agents from potentially conflicting political views. Agents are not allowed to harm other agents until completion of the contract, when they are no longer represanative of Gold Lotus interests.

Payment and Benefits:

  • Payment is in local currency coin. Alternative payment methods, if desired, should be discussed prior with the below listed agent and cannot be guaranteed if discussed after.
  • Agents will be compensated for: Lost limbs, lost eyes, or destroyed organs, resulting from execution of this contract. Free medical treatment is provided at a none-disclosed medical facility. In the event of the agents termination as a result of this contract, their payment share will be forwarded to any names listed as beneficiaries.
  • Successful execution of this contract will build rapport with The Gold Lotus and may lead to future job opportunities.

To agree, please send your electronic signature and any logistically relevant information about yourself to the following agent:

White Rose.
Chron#: 133740414


This is for a GM'd (Game Mastered) event planned for Sunday, November 12th, at 7 PM Eastern, and is expected to run about 3ish hours!

The Event will consist of heavy combat using turn-based emotes and very simple dice mechanics (see the drop-down tabs below.)

ALL characters are invited regardless of Exile/Dominion standing! It's up to you to decide which character to bring, but the hired-gun nature of this quest makes it especially suited for:

- Mercenaries, Bounty Hunters, and Assassins
- Morally flexible characters
- Anyone desperate for a windfall of money

Due to the detailed and turn-based nature of this event, I'm looking for a maximum of 12 or so bodies. Priority will go to those who've signed up!

Feel free to respond to this message, both ICly and OOCly with any comments or questions, or through in-game mail: Lucki Rosethorn. Please provide your Character name, your ROLE, and your SPECIAL (listed on the drop downs below!)

Also, if you think you'll be running late, please let me know!

Pilots/Fighter Pilots, up to 7

  1. Kintallo Bladetail: Fighter Pilot, Lucky
  2. Alarkos Voidlord: Pilot, Tenacious
  3. Explorer Breezi: Fighter Pilot, Multitasker
  4. Ayana Stormbringer: Fighter Pilot, Inspirational
  5. Lrae Sunsoul: TBA

Mechanics / Gunners / Security Crewmembers, up to 5
  1. Zlatik Logoch: Fighter, Tenacious
  2. Happy Arkevox: Fighter, Inspirational
  3. Mica Stonefall: Mechanic, Focused
  4. Emma Stardust: Fighter, Tenacious
  5. Perri Rustedsky: Mechanic, Lucky

Spoiler: Lucki Lite Dice SystemShow

Spoiler: Roles and SpecialsShow

Posted Nov 2, 17 · OP · Last edited Nov 13, 17
Kintallo Bladetail- Fighter Pilot- Lucky
Posted Nov 5, 17
Mica Stonefall: Mechanic, Focused
Rafael Bravo: Human "Ambassador" for Fantastic Enterprises
Marko Lovás: Mordesh chef extraordinaire and head chef of FE, once famous
Yora Ivuneq: Mordesh quartermaster for Fantastic Enterprises
Mica Stonefall: Granok software engineer, crewmember of the Mint Julep

Tumblr Blog: Lovás All You Need
Posted Nov 7, 17
I may run half an hour late, but if not:

Ayana Stormbringer, Mercenary, Inspiring

Or fighter pilot if that's easier for you. I'm half asleep typing this.
Posted Nov 10, 17
Lucky Strike Benefactor
I may run half an hour late, but if not:

Ayana Stormbringer, Mercenary, Inspiring

Or fighter pilot if that's easier for you. I'm half asleep typing this.

Okay cool!

I'll put you down as a Fighter Pilot, since that'll be easier to add you late (dramatic swoosh in and stuff)

Just shoot me an in-game whisper when you log in!
Posted Nov 10, 17 · OP
Blah, got held up by work. :< Going to just pass on this one because explaining stuff mid-event is always HARD and also they sucked out my soul.
Posted Nov 12, 17
Lucky Strike Benefactor
Don't worry about explaining things - if you want to join late, it will happen!

If you feel like joining just shoot me a whisper whenever you can!
Posted Nov 12, 17 · OP
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Thank! Much appreciated!
Posted Nov 12, 17