About Me:
I simply don't do erotic roleplay. I can be romantic, but the characters must actually take time to like each other, and it has to believable. If you are looking for a sexual roleplay, this won't be the place for it. I really value story, progression, background, and relationships. The roleplay needs creative content or I don't see a reason for it.

I created my second character (haven't used my first one in a year), a dominion draken female. She is an explorer, with a warrior class. Her name is Makie Tachibana. I'm in the realm "Entity(PvE)" and chose to start in Crimson Isle.

She will tell you her backstory, if you know how to ask for it. Unless there is a good way to tie our backstories in together, I would like us to meet as if we were new friends (cuz our real selves will be meeting as new friends).

We can stick as close to Wildstar lore as you wish, but anything goes. Heck, as long as it makes sense to the roleplay and is creative, anything goes! Just, try not to make people too overpowered. The best heroes have flaws.