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Hello all, looking forward to RP with you folks.

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Hello all,

I've been looking to RP on WildStar and did not know this site existed. Regardless, I am a veteran to RPing with people and have a few characters ready to RP. In particular my main is Alexis Sun for Dominion, who is a Highborn Cassian that is a specialist in genetic engineering and the leader of the Sun House. The House operates primarily as a science based House, that focuses on genetics to allow the creation of super soldiers, super spies, and the like. The House also maintains a black-ops hidden group called the Sunstriders that serve to protect both House Sun and the Dominion (I will provide more detail later on that). Due to their efforts on genetic engineering the House has fallen into disarray, falling into hedonism and giving into vices. They believe they have reached a pinnacle at the moment and have not continued to press forward. Alexis, being the current leader has currently been working to change that all the while trying to fight her own addictions and personal demons.

I have another named Felix Geberic who is my main for Exiles. A commander in the Radiant Legion, he left after seeing just how extreme and no-mercy the policies of the Dominion were getting and left the Legion. Knowing that his going AWOL was tantamount to a death sentence and the fact that he was involved in some more discreet missions for the Legion, he has been marked as a target for assassination. He has managed to get to Thayd and while not trusted due to his Legion background, he has been allowed to work with FCON on missions in between interrogation sessions by the Black Hoods who are trying to gauge his honesty.

I have more but wanted to point these two out and to see what

More than happy to get any help and assistance to make these two and my other characters work in this RP!
Posted Jul 20, 17 · OP
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Welcome Alexis/Felix! Be sure to join up on the WSRP and Dominion Discords to stay up to date on events and happenings. If you even need help Dom side look me up on Aster Dashkova.
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Posted Jul 20, 17
Hi! I'm new too! Not quite as put together as you yet, but I wish you the best of luck too! <3 May we find our roleplaying nooks!
Posted Jul 21, 17