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By: Lissa Lorel

Allow me to share with you this tale told;
A sinister evil most vile to behold.
For deep in her secret lair,
she plots our doom and despair.
Terror! Fright! Shiver in fear as your blood runs cold!
She cares not if you are a sweet child or feeble and old.
Residing on distant shores of which you may not be aware,
Pray you should not find yourself upon it or you're in for quite a scare.
For you shall face the WRATH.....of the Splorg Queen!

You may ask yourself how I might know
Of the Queen I am about to show.
Does it come from travelers from distant stars?
Perhaps the drunken ravings of lushes in bars?
Oh, if only such simplicity could be so,
Alas I found myself upon that land not long ago....
Trapped on this distant land most bizarre
It's only gift to me are these lingering scars...
That came from the WRATH....of the Splorg Queen!

One evening, an Eldan portal whisked me away
To that distant land upon which I had to stay.
Frightened and cold, I struggled through that frigid night,
Awaitng a new dawn and its welcoming light.
With the coming of this new day,
What I experienced...I almost dare not say....
But I must! I shall muster all my might!
So none among you need suffer that horrific sight
That is the WRATH....of the Splorg Queen!

Her land is quite welcoming, the verdant paradise you might not want to leave
Sparkling lakes and towering mountains would offer quite the reprieve.
I was easily drawn in by this land so pure
Allowing myself to enjoy this delightful little detour.
Oh how could I have been so naive!
It was all just an illusion meant to deceive!
A mask that did so devilishly obscure
The things that I would have to endure
From the WRATH....of the Splorg Queen!

So completely taken by this splendorous beauty,
That I could hear a voice calling out so sweetly.
That enchanting call urging me to be brave
Guiding me to some hidden cave.
So completely blinded by her trickery
It was almost too late before I could see
The cavern was filled with her mindless slaves,
Bones of the fallen marking the graves
Of those who fed the WRATH....of the Splorg Queen!

When I heard her cackle, somehow I regained control
As I watched her pets devour them whole!
One by one, not a morsel was missed,
As the ravenous swarm consumed those who could not resist
That horrible voice takings its toll
Twisting and tearing at my very soul.
When the feast finished, the beasts were dismissed
Save for one...her most prized pet, Monsieur Sadist
To carry out the WRATH...of the Splorg Queen!

When she ordered her pet to pursue,
I could think of nothing else to do.
With all of my strength, I turned and ran,
Trying to get out of there as fast as I can.
As it drew closer, his slobbering grew
Eager for fresher bones to chew!
It became clear this beast could not be outran
And yet as suddenly as my journey began
I escaped the WRATH....of the Splorg Queen!

I hadn't even noticed at all,
When the portal opened just before my fall.
My heart pounded, I gasped for air
I was somewhere else now....but where?
Looking up, spiring so wide and tall,
One could not mistake the mighty Thayd Wall.
To be freed from that whole affair,
I thanked the Scions who answered my prayer
To spare me from the WRATH....of the Splorg Queen!

So travel with caution, my friends!
Lest you fall victim to untimely ends!
You may think that strange portal worthwhile
But she calls to you with intent so vile!
And if you find that you must contend
With that deep cavern that I did descend
Do not be tricked by her wiles,
Hidden behind promises of comfort and smiles!
Or you will know the WRATH....of the Splorg Queen!
Posted Jun 19, 17 · OP
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*An audio recording is playable in the blog. A highborn accented woman speaks as you hit play.*

"Well, it seems the pumera's out of the cage, isn't it? It seems a bit of a mishap occurred when I was setting this up and now all of you get to see my lovely poetry. I do hope you enjoy it. And to be sporting, perhaps you might be so bold as to include one of your own? We all know the net could use a spot of culture.

Or if you just fancy a bit of a chat, feel free to leave a message. Toodle loo!"
Posted Jun 21, 17 · OP
Great poem. :3
Posted Jun 21, 17

By: Lissa Lorel

Shadows linger
Dangerous creatures lurk
Creepy crawlies skitter about
Chills shiver down my spine
The true nature of the forest
Embraced by its wonderous beauty
Colors fluttering in wind
Welcoming smiling faces
Sunshine glows
Posted Jun 28, 17 · OP