That got me in my head on stereotyping of Highborn based on their lineage after an IC conversation between a Tristan and a Galen (ironically enough former is a scientist like latter), which latter wonder that former's brash nature being Tristan-like.
Any idea of personality stereotypes or assumption for Highborn based on lineages?
Azrion- Hot-blooded and bravado
Tristan- Like Azrion, but include stoicism and stubbornness.
Galen- Smart, intellectual, and introvert
Evindra- kind, pure, and not-fun
Bronos- Bossy, Rigid, and Law abiding
Korol- Devout, Religious, and "High and Mighty"
These are all I can think of. Maybe add in chaul (patience) from forbidden liaison and such but keep that secret Icly. Bonus if your character claim to be "mixed" (have intermarried with members of all six or seven houses).