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((IC)) A Thesis on a Flat Nexus by Elinya Sunchaser, Vice President of the Flat Nexus Society.

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((While minding you business in Thayd you unfortunately stumble across scrawled flier, which if you so happen to inspect would read))

Hiya! I'm Elinya, and you are you. Have you ever wondered why Nexus seems so flat when you stand on it? Cos it is! A lot of people may tell you otherwise but the Momma Sun told me that it's actually flat, and the Momma Sun looks at Nexus like all of the time, so I'd take her word for it over some Science man. If you happen to be a Science man, hire me by the way, I'm really smart. Anyways, back onto Nexus, even if it was round, It would be trying to slim down anyways, cos bikini season in coming up and you gotta be looking good for that, right? And if Nexus was working out trying to lose weight,, we'd probably fly off because I bet nexus can run really fast. I dropped my writing apparatus for dramatic effect just then but you can't actually see that so I am describing it to you right now. If you agree with me feel free to find me and tell me how smart I am, I wear nice hats and smell nice(?) but if you don't agree with me SHUT UP! Thanks, have a nice day. My fingers hurt after writing all these. Bye!
Posted May 13, 17 · OP
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((stapled to the bottom of the page))

Please, please come see me at Thayd University. I would delight in taking you along on an orbital excursion to one of the Halon Asteroids, where you can gaze at the beauty of 'Mother Sun' without the interference of such a pesky thing as an atmosphere. Who knows, you might even see a few other things that surprise you out there. I guarantee your total safety.


Professor Bunny, Thayd U.

((her TU public chron extesion is listed as well))
Posted May 15, 17
((The flier would be stamped with:))

"Unofficial and unapproved flier. Pending removal."

((Dean Rockfall will have ordered the removal of any such fliers on campus.))
Lyrya Rockfall, PhD.
Dean and Professor of Geology, Thayd University

Character sheet
Posted May 15, 17