WSRP has always tried to stand for inclusion, acceptance, and promoting a sense of community. Our code of conduct itself has always tried to build on positivity – Rather than take an approach of what we don’t want people doing, we’ve tried to take an approach of how can we help people create the RP they want and foster an environment people want to be involved in, away from negativity.

A lot of you have known me long enough to know my stances on drama – I really hate getting involved in it. We’re playing a cartoon video game. Drama happens wherever you have people – from offices, schools, raid guilds, RP communities – anytime you have people working in proximity. I don’t feel like its WSRP’s place to come in and make people like each other. I do however feel we have a responsibility to try and shield drama from the community at large. A problem between two people should not become a community wide issue, among people who weren’t even involved. I think it says something about the scope of the issue that I’m getting involved publically for the first time since joining Wildstar.

Unfortunately in November, we had to ban several members. This ban was not the result of a knee jerk reaction, a prolonged game of politics, or any single one action. The players involved were banned as a result of months, and in some cases, years of harassment of players, events, and organizations. I know myself and countless others spent months trying to broker a peace between the parties involved, which always ended in promises that people could agree to not like each other, but keep it between themselves and not let it spill over or effect other events. These promises could never appear to be kept.

Following the ban, drama increased and ‘factions’ formed. Two of the banned members, Lucrezia and Octavia, took it upon themselves to doxx another member of the community that they didn’t like.

During all of this, our stance was that taking a public stance on the issue was unwise. While drama was happening, I didn’t feel it was prudent to get other people involved or give them anything that detracts from their enjoyment of the game. The less people involved in the fallout, the better.

I no longer feel it’s prudent to stand by and try to minimize the damage quietly as it’s a stance of appeasement that is perpetuating this cycle.

Myself and other community members have seen several attempts to weaponized statement and well meaning attempts at peace. These statements all seem to originate with one banned player - Engineer Outsider, who has taken it upon himself to take screenshots of conversations out of context to people in a concerted effort to try and undermine others enjoyment of the game. This includes one very lengthy one where he had spoken to people attempting to solve the issues in private, and then used those statements out of context to paint an elaborate picture of myself and anyone who disagreed with his campaign of aggression as Nazi sympathizers.

Throughout these attempts, we’ve mostly shrugged it off – Yes, it’s one more sling. We requested people hurt by the comments to keep quiet and not let it spill over. However the attacks never stopped. We had a further attempt at a peace negotiation, which ended in an acceptance of that people can agree to disagree, and to just play the game.

Following what feels like the tenth agreement for peace, we had further issues on Tumblr of calling out players and attempts to undermine community members, once again spearheaded by Engineer Outsider. He stated it was due to the incendiary nature of the original ban post. We agreed to delete the post, if he could agree to just stop attacking people. He agreed to this.

After 5 days, he felt the need to make aggressive comments at a player who was not involved in any of this, at any stage. That player’s crime? Making a survey to determine the most convenient times to hold RP events. Outsider did so under the cover of anonymity, believing that because it was a survey, he wouldn’t be known. He then directly lied to players saying it was not him. When it was determined to be him through a matching IP, he ‘explained’ that he was drunk.

If this had been the only incident, we would have tried to accept that mistakes happen, but this has been a multi-year series of similar events.

A peace can only work if all parties want peace. Outsider has shown himself uninterested– a peace cannot exist if one of the parties firmly believes in hurting the other parties involved and destroying their credibility, organizations, and overall well-being.

I want to make this perfectly, totally clear though. This is not a ban on House Venator. This is not a ban or punishment on friends of someone who is aggressive. This is not in any way and indictment on who they want to play with. This is not an issue of ‘sides’, ‘camps’ or opposing forces. This is one player – Engineer Outsider – who is angrily continuing a vendetta in an attempt to destroy RP and OOC friendships because he is mad at the people involved.

I’m not saying all parties are blameless. Several people in this process have escalated, and made personal attacks that were not called for and should not have devolved into. Some of this happened publically, and I regret that anyone had to experience that. I understand frustration, but I have seen an effort by every single person involved aside for one to be better, and I can’t let that one person keep attacking a community I care about from the sidelines.

I really want to especially acknowledge Astoreth and Kiki, who spent months and a lot of sleepless hours trying to find a peace on the entire issue. I also want to say that I really appreciate Xai’s efforts at ending this as well. Xai has made a very concerted effort to try and move past this.

For those who weren’t involved, I’m really sorry you had to read this.