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LIlly ((exile)) ((aurin,))

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>Name: Liliana, P, Frost ((Lilly to her friends))


>Class:spell slinger

>Overview:Lilly has a whole lot of demons in her past. Not to mention some real bad people coming after her. Losing her mind at the age of 25. Lilly now needs to find a way to deal with her Mental health problems and find a way to keep going with life, but there are some folks who want to use her for their own ends. How will Lilly's story end? well that's up to her friends, and hitch path they push her down.

>Physical Description:Lilly is slender. she has the body of a dancer lean and flexable,
but she's no weakling. where she lacks in might she makes up in speed. Her body is made up Rip cord musicals

>Aesthetics:Lilly has a tattoo on her back on her right shoulder blade it's of well a Lilly.

>Personality Profile:split Between The Adult Lilly, and the child like Rosie

>History:Only a few people know the true story, but here are some medical reports that people maybe could read if they knew the right people!
Name: Liliana, P, Frost
Gender: Female
Race: Aurin
occupation: retired Judge. ((spell slinger))

Project ID: 00A-2 Code name "Traveler."

Notes by: Shane McCarthy PHD team lead for weapons testing and study.

Subject 00A-2 Came to my attention about 2 years ago. she was found by a exile patrol deep within the grimvault. The subject had a few minor wounds, and was suffering from malnourishment and exhaustion. The only thing of interest was a special kind of madness The subject kept referring to herself as "Rosie" ((see medical report below.))

Name: Roseanne, P, Frost
Gender: Female
Race: Aurin
Age: 18 at time of last cheek up.
Occupation: Esper healer.
Status: M.I.A

Though the two are a close DNA match ((due to being sisters Subject 00A-2 matches DNA profile of Judge frost.

Now this all seems like something that would normally fall under my notice, nothing of note to take from the subject.
But the Subject has a way of always getting free from her room in the local hospital. I was asked onto the project to plant her with a tracking chip.

This is where things started to peak my interest. looking over the reading of my chip I saw how the subject could slip out of our realty for extended amounts of time, this has lead me to take the subject into my care. upon further scans
I have found that hte subject has a larger then average pineal gland. ((This gland is thought to be where espers gain their psychokinesis from.)) I Must get a subject to compare Subject 00A-2's mind against.

Day 32
I've arranged an "accident" to befall one of the espers in the hospital ((see news report below))
"Welcome nexus new net, our top story tonight is that of the tragic death of Doctor Lori Wisteria, ((age 45)) who was killed today, but a faulty cable with in one of the elevators with in Thayd first medical center. Lori is survived by her daughter Emily Wisteria.- end of new clip.

My hypothesis was correct Subject 00A-2 has a much larger gland then even a fully grown esper matron. This could be the key to ending this war with the Dominion. "If we can come way weaponnize Subject 00A-2's powers it could spell a shift in the war.))

Day 765
The Subject has gottne lose AGAIN! and this is much longer then any time before, Normally I would be fine with letting the Subject out for some air, she is always a little bit more cooperative after I let her have one of her "walks" But this time she has gone to far. I was able to track her down to a tea house. after refusing to come quitely I had some of the men storm the tea house, to no avile. The subject had removed her tracking chip, but upon reviewing the cams for the tea house I was able to find out who had given ward to my Subject. One Gabriel Blackwood. He was mostly a unknown, but i did find his school transcripts. he attended UNBB just like myself, but he attened after the school had gone down hill. but all the same "Go sandcrabs."

Next report
A report about the sisters.
Report By Lori Wisteria.

Well I have to say it's been one of my great joys to work with Rosie, and Lilly. I wish to help stabilizes Miss frost, but until then I have to make this report about the mental health of my patient.

There is two sides of Miss frost Lilly her Judge, and adult side.

Through Lilly I can clearly see what kind of life that She had to live ever since she made her way to nexus. The trauma of Cryo on top of losing a parent cause her to have to grow up fast. Her mind set in this state of mind Is strong Willed quick witted, and abit snarky ((there is many a times we can go from yelling at each other to laughing in just a few words. ((Almost like my Emma. I think these two would get along if they knew each other.))

On the other side of the coin with "Rosie" Miss frost has almost a child like wonder. I've enlisted her help with the children of the hospital. she is really quite teh care taker. I think this comes from having to raise her younger sister. Watching her with the kids honestly warms the heart. The true joy on her face when she works with children is something to see.

The traits for Rosie are. Child like wonder, impulsive, hard headed, Fun loving, but she lacks long term memory in this state.

((I'm going to put in this report to have Miss frost transferred into long term care. I really think that helping with the children will help treat her PTSD, and maybe one day she can go back to living a normal life.))

((Note to self get Emma a cake tonight for her birthday! I know she thinks she to old to spend time with her old mom on her birthday, but maybe she will take time from working on that scan bot to come spend some mother, daughter time with me tonight ((this note shares the same date as the NExus new network report see above.))

>Talents and weaknesses:Lilly Can't cast most spell slinger spells, the only spell she can use are the use of Gate, and Void slip. she has honed these skills to most like the wind, but other then that Lilly isn't that smart, nor is she that strong, and with out her gates and void slips well she can't use runes, and he guns will empty, no magic bullets for her.

>Motivations and goals:Lilly wants a normal life again, but baring that she just wants to spend her last few years in peace with people she cares about, but sadly there isn't a whole lot of those left,
she feels if she makes new friends now she'll just end up making them sad later. So she has to struggle with herself, make friends and make them sad, or be alone when her time comes.
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My Justice would be most intrigued to meet this retired Judge.
Posted Apr 11, 17
Lilly is always happy to welcome someone from the court of Judgment, just send a letter some time.
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