This event has concluded!! Thanks everyone who participated!!

Here's some screenshots I remembered to take this time!

And remember - Don't tackle Electric Jelly-Monsters!





The event starts in 1 hour! Please send a tel to Reaper Jacqueline if you'd like to join!

This is for an IMPROMPTU Event I'll be hosting TONIGHT (March 24) at 8 PM Eastern (POSSIBLY 9 PM if that ends up being much better for people!) Usually I give more warning, but I have some time and wanted to do something tonight!

This will be a GM'd, mostly combat focused event, using simple dice based mechanics that I'll explain at the time!

Event Type: A call for help
Event Alignment: Good
Event Faction: Exile (ish)
Event Length: 2~3 hours!

Summary: An emergency broadcast for help will be transmitted from a small exile mining town that's come under attack! (and not by Dominion!)

While this obviously makes it an Exile problem, the transmission would just as easily be heard from Dominion radios. Dominion characters intent on saving innocent lives are welcome to join - but may have to convince the exiles that they're there to help!

Looking for between 2 ~ 8 bodies!

All character types are welcome to join, it's up to you to decide which character to bring, but this event might be of particular interest to Mordesh characters!

If interested, please respond with which character you'd like to join! I'll send a Tel once the event is about to start -- If there's still room afterwords, I'll make a broadcast for random bodies!