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Questions on shapeshifting, blood shaman and nanites/cybernetics.

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Right, so I realise that the three things in the thread name are a bit... random(?) to bring up in one thread, but here we are. Both official lore and headcanon is welcomed.

First, shapeshifting.
I'm aware of three examples of this in Wildstar so far.
1 - Hoogle totems in Woodhaven, Celestion. You scan them as a scientist and become a gribbon for a short while.
2 - The one quest in Sylvan Glade, Celestion, where you help a consort in her efforts to become a matria. She turns you into a vind in order to find things.
3 - The skill Espers have called "Projected Spirit" which sends you leaping forward for some distance as a golden dawngrazer.

Now, I have a few questions regarding this. Are there other examples of this happening in the game world? Lore entries, perhaps, or examples that can be seen happening. Who are the practitioners of this skill, or is it some subset of existing abilities (such as manipulation of Primal Life)? Finally, how extensive is the shapeshifting? Is it on par with a D&D druid's wild shape, or more limited?

Secondly, bloodshaman.
The bloodshaman role itself is what I have a question of first. Are they chosen at birth (or at some point in their life) for innate talent for the magic, or is it something that can be learned? Then the magic itself. How does it work? What materials are necessary for it, and finally, just what are the capabilities of this magic? Anything on these subjects are welcomed.

Finally, nanites and cybernetics.
Do nanites and/or cybernetics interfere with magic/primal manipulation as they would in Shadowrun? Would a completely organic Esper, Spellslinger, Bloodshaman, Primal Manipulator, etc. more capable than an augmented counterpart, even if the "augmentation" happens to be a cybernetic limb, or would they be roughly similarly capable?

A lot of questions, definitely, but thank you in advance to anyone that took the time to read this, and more thanks to those that decide to chime in and share their knowledge on this!
Posted Mar 24, 17 · OP
For Shapeshifting:

From encounters on Exile Side, hoogle transformations are part of the Weave and it's uses as far as I can tell. There are also later missions, in Wilderrun, where alchemy is used to change you into other animals. For esper's 'projected spirit'. It can mean a lot of things. It's entirely possible for an esper to manipulate the perceptions of others as well to make them belief they're seeing something else too. Spellslingers ((who draw their power from 'void' magic, a parallel dimension)) haven't really had any examples of shapechanging effects that I can remember.

For Bloodshamans:

I really don't know much about them, sorry.

For Nanites and Cybernetics:

Cybernetics in wildstar are also called augmentics. Both usually make use of omniplasm and nanites in their installastion. Think of omniplasm as Techno-Blood and Nanites as Techno-Cells. Neither of them effect the use of any kind of magic. To give you an example, the origin of Espers. For races, like Aurin, espers are likely born with the gift. Take something like a chua? It's entirely possible that if a Chua wasn't born with the gift? They aren't above a lot of brain experiments to make themselves into espers. Or, experimenting on others.

In Wildstar, 'Weave' is considered a connection to anything alive. When you have a cybernetic part, it's considered part of you, and thus, 'alive'. At the same time, freebots are a good example of being 'alive' even though they are 'artificial'. Mechari are artificial, but they are also alive. It's true that mechari don't have classes like esper or spellslinger available to them, but I can't think of any stated lore why they can't be. The main reason they aren't available is carbine hasn't had the time to add their animations for those classes.

All that said? Science and effects in Wildstar are base own 'primal patterns'. Which is like DNA, only everything (even rocks!) have them. One could argue that adding a cybernetic arm changes your primal pattern and if you change it enough? You might not be an esper anymore. So, either is possible within the lore.
Posted Mar 24, 17 · Last edited Mar 24, 17
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Well, thank you for your answers!

Does give me a bit more to work with, and leaves me less worried over accidentally putting myself into a corner if I do decide to work on the idea of a magic user with augmentations of some sort.
Posted Mar 25, 17 · OP
+1 for Kino info drop :)
Posted Mar 25, 17