Good morning listeners. While things here in Thayd are running smoothly, settlers in the Algoroc area were horrified to discover the remnants of what has been reported to be the whole-sale slaughter of suspected Cartel operators this morning from a series of attacks by unknown assailants some time during the late night and early morning hours.

Initial reports state that farmsteads located near trouble areas heard distant screams and loud explosions some time during the night and early morning hours but failed to report the violence to local Justices as their farms and their neighbors did not seem to be in jeopardy. Violence is common in the area and a sort of lethargic approach to such instances has seeped into settlers and farmers alike. More on that later.

It wasn't until dawn, when these same homesteaders saw dark clouds of smoke rising from the direction of the late night disturbances that the Justice Service was notified. When local Justices investigated the scenes near the settlement of Gallows and in the Grimm Valley, sources say they found no suspected Cartel survivors and apparently suspected local Cartel leaders were put on grisly display as a possible warning to other Cartel groups that may seek to retake the areas in question, although that is pure speculation since local Justices are remaining tight-lipped about any details in regards to these violent disturbances as of yet.

The few survivors that were found near the areas appear to be freed captives that reportedly saw nothing but used the chaos to make their escape. While they are currently in custody, representatives from the office of The Court of Judgement have informed our station that none of them are suspects and all of those rounded up thus far are receiving care for malnourishment, exposure, and fatigue. Minor to moderate injuries were reported but have been listed as having already begun to heal prior to whatever took place during the night and early morning hours.

Very few reports have come in from curious settlers that began investigating on their own prior to the arrival of The Justice Service. Of those only one would speak to one of our representatives and had this to say.

"It was terrible! Bodies were everywhere! Some were..." *gags* "Buildings were blown over and torn apart... Heavy containers were flipped over like they were nothing... It was... it was chaotic and just... just a slaughter house!"

There you have it folks. Was this a case of Vigilante Justice or a possible new threat rising up from the Criminal Underworld. More as the situation develops.