Due to people's interest, I'm making this thread for those who want to ICly investigate the mystery of T113 via a Forum-Based roleplay! That is, it all happens here in this thread as in-character replies.

Don't know what I'm talking about? Then be sure to first read This Post

Who can Join: Anyone who REALLY wants to, really!

But Hackers, Investigators, or people with Consciousness-Altering abilities (Espers, Shamans, Weave hippies, etc.) have a better chance of getting further. Obviously very different approaches to how they'd investigate. Also, The Black Hoods and ICI have both set up specialized task forces to investigate and keep tabs of T113, characters who are part of either might be on the investigation team.

Where to Start: The story I wrote was intended to be a teaser foreshadowing things to come, and it sort of ends with a brief encounter and dead-end. Psionic-types would all have the same vision as detailed in the story, but what they choose to do with it after that is up to them. More Imperial-based investigators can start wherever they want!

If you're not sure, think of this:
How did the character hear of T-113? A friend, a co-worker, some kids on the street, a random lunatic?
Why are they investigating it? Are they curiosity-driven, did somebody pay or assign them to it, did one of their friends talk them into it?
How have they decided to investigate it? Do they start by asking people in certain groups, looking into certain databanks, or collecting their own data of some kind?

Rules: On your first post, make a little spoiler blurb about your character's Name, Race, and relevant information. Like this

Spoiler: Leeroy JenkinsShow

Be aware: This all is intended as foreshadowing and other events have to happen before whatever-it-is can really be known. There's a good chance your investigation will hit a dead-end. But characters might have a better understanding of its nature, or perhaps, discover clues to a deeper mystery, before they hit a point they can go no further.

Note: I'll probably be slow to respond to posts! I'll try to check in at least once a day but forgive me if I go quiet for a few days between responses!

Otherwise, have fun!