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Please help. Really, I need some. (Not an RP)

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Is it just me, or does every single Forum RP on this site die before it's even born? I had good idea for a Ancient Bezgalore RP and almost no one was even looked at it. The post was of me asking if anyone was even interested in doing it before I bothered to put together and intro and maybe even an illustration. It's a good thing I did, because Forum RP on here is DEAD. I could see if people just aren't interested, but no one seems to even look at it. I looked at other people's RP as well. Almost everyone's are dead! Why is that, and how can we fix this? A lot of cool RP are wasted on this site. :angry:
Posted Feb 4, 17 · OP
I'm not anyone important, I've just been here since the beta, and I'd chalk it up to the community being small and not everyone ingame uses the WSRP forums, I think. Also possibly a lack of interest in forum RP? There's been DIscord chat groups that have popped up for RP on them that have died, and there's a rarely used IC chat on both the WSRP discord and the Dominion discord--people seem to prefer ingame RP more.
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Posted Feb 4, 17