Chapter one: Chua Childhood.

There is one major aspect of the chua that may begin at childhood, but defines their entire society. They have a -lot- of children. A dozen or over, sometimes by a lot. This brings up a problem right off the bat. You cannot have a dozen children grow up. Then they have a dozen children, they have a dozen children and suddenly there's a massive food shortage because of all the mouths to feed. So, chua society accepted something long ago. Not all chua can grow up. Not all chua can survive. This is why sometimes they may seem so casual about death of other chua. It has to happen.

Now, clearly not all chua kids can even reach adulthood. That would be way too much food and resources spent, and would likely cripple a chua family's finances. But how does a family determine who lives and who dies? The chua have chosen the only fair way. Competition. Whatever food there is for dinner is set out and the chua young compete for it. The strongest, quickest and smartest find a way to get food. And if you don't? You don't eat. It's that simple. So some chua young die from starvation. But eventually the chua young get old enough to start proper thinking. And one of them will get the idea. 'Less siblings means more food for all'. As such, siblings offing siblings is common. Expected even. While some families might impose a rule set to keep things orderly, it's downright expected that the numbers will be brought down to a manageable level one way or another.

Chapter two: Chua adulthood.

When the surviving chua young come of age, a few different things can happen to them. If they are skilled, members of their collective (group which will be further explained later) might tutor them in their skillset and make them assistants. Or they can enroll in Dominion academies and get a more worldly education. So long as a chua is smart, strong, crafty or has some sort of skill that makes them 'useful', they're in a pretty good place. Someone will likely tutor them or some Dominion organization will accept them.

However, just because a chua has survived to adulthood doesn't make him 'worthy'. There are unskilled chua who survive. Those who hid, those who were lucky, or just survivors of low-skill liters of children, only the best of the worst. For chua who are not accepted into academies or taken under the wings of experienced chua have a far less optimistic future. They become minions. Minions are low-paid workers for various chua collectives or factions of size. They do hard, menial labor, especially the highly dangerous kind. They are absolutely expendable and in the vast majority of cases, minions do not survive. Some workplace hazard kills them. But if a minion survives long enough, they graduate and can get a proper job. Being a minion is a trial by fire for those chua who couldn't prove themselves when they were young. It's a high stakes chance to prove they're meant to survive...or die. And the cheap labor helps the many chua industries. It's worth noting that any chua trainee, even a higher-value one might be called a 'minion', but a vast majority of those labeled as minions seem to simply be fodder.

Chapter three: Chua society.

Chua live in groups called 'Collectives'. A collective is something between a family and a company. It has a lot of chua, sometimes related by blood. Actually related or not, they consider themselves family. It's more than just a community, as they're united by a purpose. Every collective has a goal, a business. Sometimes it's science of some sort, sometimes it's industry, sometimes it's research, or it could be something mundane. But in a collective, you tend to have chua of diverse skill-sets who lend their knowledge to the goal. Hence the term 'collective'. They draw upon the collective knowledge and skills of the group to achieve whatever goal there is. So in a research collective, you might have experts in different fields who can collaborate.

Chua brains work very, very quickly. This has a strong effect on their speech. They have a tendency to leave out unnecessary words in a sentence so they can talk fast enough to keep up with their thoughts. They also have a habit of referring to themselves in the third person, or simply by 'chua'. "Chua speach example. We speak quick. Fast. To point! Useless words gone. Communicate quick so can think fast!"

The native language of chua is 'Bezgelorian'. It is the same as 'Esperanto', so an online translation tool can make your chua fluent in their native tongue.

Chua religion tends to be one of three things. Many chua are members of the Church of Scions. In general, the church is a very welcoming, non-racist place that is glad to give productive chua a career and cause. Other chua don't practice religion, simply having no need or desire for it and focusing more on the physical world instead. A few chua still cling to their old, tribal gods, the two moons of Bezgelor, Pergo and Pago.

While science is generally the focus of chua society, one does not need to be a scientist to be respected. In general, chua respect two things. Power and skill. Power is your ability to make things happen. Your influence, your wealth, your status and so on. What you have the capability of doing. Skill is your trade. It can be a scientist, but businessmen, soldiers and craftsmen are also respected if they are able to do or create great things. Chua society needs to eat, it needs clothes, it needs teachers, it needs protection, it needs such, while science is what chua society strives for, there are more than just scientists.

Chua are proud creatures. They loathe being thought of as lesser, especially with how much they've contributed to Dominion science. They're very well aware that they've seriously propelled Dominion tech. As such, being called 'slank' or being treated as a pet will rub one the wrong way. On that note, chua do -not- talk about their sex life or how any of it works. None of that has any place in the minds of other species and it's alluded that people who've tried to pursue it go missing. Chua are proud. There are some who like to play chua like 'furries'. Ear scratches, sitting in laps, lots of hugs and snuggles...that's a no can do. Chua would never let a Cassian treat them like they'd treat a pet. Chua might be affectionate to other chua, but anything beyond fond smiles would likely be behind closed doors. Chua are -extremely- proud and do not do lewd or shameless things in public. They're not pets, they're not stuffed animals and they sure as hell aren't giving people excuses to think of them as anything less than something to respect. Maybe even fear.

While chua may seem like vicious, evil creatures, they're products of their society. They've learned to be so aggressive in childhood where if you don't act quickly and harshly, you don't get to eat. Some chua can be on the calmer, saner side, especially ones who have gone to Dominion academies. But the point is, chua have turned what would be a problem in their society, their absolute excess of children, into a boon. Now, only the best chua become adults. Unlike Cassians, you'll never get a chua that was lazy and just slacked his way to adulthood. They'd have never survived. The adult chua are the best of the best and they had to prove it in the gauntlet of childhood. Chua may not care much about the suffering of other chua (because there are so many and some have to die), but they care deeply about their collectives. Chua are very group oriented when it comes to their individual collectives and they will do whatever it takes to ensure their success.

Further reading - A great guide for good, specific info about chua and other races. - If you're wondering why this guide didn't include any history, it's because you can find it all here. - Essential for learning how all of the races tie together.

Special thanks

Mondo Zax - Everyone's favorite psychotic genius. He's not only a great example of chua, but much of chua lore can be learned from his life. He's a perfect guideline, from the many siblings to the survival of the strong. He may be psychotic even for a chua, but his extreme example blazed the trail which we all follow.

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