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Mechari RP Guide

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Mechari RP guide

So you want play a mechari but aren’t really sure how to go about it? Well then this guide is for YOU. I’ve been Rping this interesting mechanical race in Wildstar for close to two years now. I intend to make this the best guide it can be thanks to my experience, feedback from other players, game lore, and a dash of psychological knowhow (hey… I got to use this degree for SOMETHING)


The first mistake most newcomers to mechari RP make is to over think their mechanical nature. They focus so much on how mechari are NOT like other races they overlook some very simple facts that would make life easier.

1- Mechari are people. Yes, yes, yes I know- “but they are robots” EH yes they are mechanical. But…

I know a lot of you are like me and came to the race from a long time love of intelligent machines. And OK, I am WITH you. I love Short Circuit as much as the next nerd, BUT the mechari are a LOT different from that. Your average story about a sentient machine is as a new and unique individual who is coming into sentience and wondering about the world. (which is still doable. See the section on fresh forges) Instead, the mechari are an entire race of mechanical beings brought into existence by their gods (the Eldan) and continue to be produced by giant moon like factory called the Foundry.

2- Mechari ARE an entire species. They have their own people to turn to for answers. They are understood as sapient from the moment of activation AND they are surrounded by a society that understands their existence and accepts them. The usual trials of the sentient machine are not an issue for them. Instead they face trials every citizen of the dominion faces- Growing up, learning, understanding, and living in a universe that outside of the dominion is hostile to them. Not saying that on occasion there isn’t discrimination from inside the dominion but again they always have their own to fall back on.

3 - Mechari are Individuals. Because they grow and learn and change like any other sentient, mechari can all be very different from one another. Life experiences change them and they live VERY long lives. A 50 year old file clerk in the imperial palace is not going to have the same personality as a 300 year old front line infantry crimson legion soldier. And because of this and the long history of the empire, the long lives of the mechari themselves and the variety of jobs they could have held in their lives each mechari is completely unique.

4- Mechari are not programmed- In fact the idea of being programmed would probably horrify most mechari... They receive a handful of basic operations before activation. The EXACT nature of this is somewhat debated but it’s generally agreed to be some kind of baseline for functioning- How to walk and move, basic linguistics (the mechari language referred to as binary.. even if it’s not actually ones and zeros) and the of course inability to betray the dominion (or at least the luminai) Beyond that they are allowed to learn and grow. Their personalities and how they act are totally developed like any other beings and like other beings they end up in the professions by any of the same means that others do. Some might have an expected profession at creation- a body built for war, diplomacy, body guard and so on, but they typically change careers or pursue other interests over time. The important part is, who they will be is not or ever predetermined.


NOW that is a good start to coming up with some groundwork to build a personality on. NOW lets add to it and cover some ways mechari are DIFFERENT

1- Mechari are Mechanical but NOT classic ‘robots’ - yes their bodies are made of metals, polymers, polycarbons, graphene, exanite, silicone, omniplasim and a zillion other funky materials that are classified under “Eldan Super Science Techno Magic B******T”

BUT before you get TOO caught up on that keep in mind that this IS the work of the Eldan who intended their creations to be able to function among other races. Their exanite brains function a lot like an organic brain. Their bodies are full of systems that function as analogs to organic life functions. They can feel pain and pleasure, get drunk, they can eat, they sleep and dream and so on. In fact the main thing that really makes them set apart in a functional way is that their bodies and parts of their bodies are relatively easy to replace AND because of this and the fact that they are more like gem people piloting metal bodies than they are actual robots leads to the next…

2- Mechari can live a REAL long time - In fact they have no natural life span end. So long as their exanite soul core is not shattered they are effectively immortal. It is for THIS reason that when I introduce people to RP I recommend they do NOT look at stories about robots and look more to supernatural stories of immortals like vampires, angels, demons, elves, dragons and so on. And JUST like those supernatural creatures the older they are the more alien their mindset becomes. Player mechari characters can range as wide as 1600 years old to activated yesterday. What point of their life span they are on can have a variety of effects on their personality.

3- Mechari tend to be Collectivists - in case you don’t know- an adherent of the practice or principle of giving a group priority over each individual in it. Mechari were created to guide and protect the dominion. Their primary focus is what betters the whole. Eldan, Empire, Cassius, Foundry, Junction, and Forge wing takes prescient over the needs of them as individuals. This is NOT a contradiction to them BEING individuals mind you but MAY be where some of the stereotypes of mechari NOT being individuals would stem from. It is for this reason that they do well in the ICI and that they are so tight knit as a race. (They are also the second rarest race in the setting next to the mordesh, so looking out for each other is even more important) They would be prone to trusting their superiors to having the same goals as themselves. Even the most independent minded mechari may try to see how their talents and knowhow best serve the whole. Outside of their own, mechari serve in all branches of dominion culture and will do so for as long as who they serve is still serving the needs of the dominion.

4- There ARE mechari who act like robots - These are called fresh forge or shardlings. These are YOUNG mechari who are anywhere from just activated yesterday to around twenty or so years old depending on their life experiences. Hey some people grow up way too fast and some never grow up. After release from the foundry (which is assumed to be anywhere from 1 to 5 years) They are just learning how to integrate into society. Their empathy is lacking, their understanding is garbled by slang and the strange behaviors they see around them. They are curious about the world around them and often make mistakes. If you are looking to play that… then THIS is the way to do it. These are the years that have a huge impact on them later in life. Even if you don’t intend to play a fresh forge, understanding that every mechari has GONE through this stage is important to building a background.

5- To Mechari the core is What they are - the body is a shell, generally speaking anyway. Some get attached to their chassis. And there are councilors in the foundry on hand to deal with, body disassociation that happens as a result of a chassis switch. For every mechari that likes to reside in the same chassis configuration all the time, there are those who enjoy changing things over time as either needs or curiosity moves them.


There are the base ground works but HERE are a few more interesting points-

Mechari surnames are based on forge wing - Alpha, Beta, Omega, Septa, Nova, Sigma, Iota, Deca. Latin Alpha Numeric designate the forge wings name and the surnames source from there. It’s been generally agreed that the forge wings are like a family. It’s even assumed their exanite has a similar origin source and because of that forge wings could be known for various traits. These are more rumors than anything. Play wise it’s up to you to decide that one. But it gives a nice spring board to find common ties with your fellow players.

Some mechari may be a little quirky - thanks to how they are raised and integrated into society and the way they learn it’s very possible during their formative years for mechari sometimes pick up personality traits, habits, language usage, accents, social norms, and so on from those around them. Some might be obsessed with slang (whether they use it correctly or not varies). Some might get preoccupied with superstitions. Some might be obsessed with modesty or politeness or completely reject these concepts. Some might even go so far as to change their names to emulate their heroes or friends.

Mechari HAVE a culture - It is just hidden under the assumption that their culture is the cassians culture, but that is not entirely true. They have very unique social complexities built around age and status, forge wing, deactivation, activation. They have personal views of their chassis, their cores, their unique position being sentients that know who and WHY they were made. I could write a whole article on THIS alone.

Most of the time, mechari wouldn’t wander around damaged - Now… everything else being said. Thanks to a collectivist culture, and the ability to have damages fixed. It is RARE that mechari would allow themselves fall into disrepair. Junctions care for their own; the foundry wants their people in top condition. Distance from dominion territory and during active warfare is the only places one will typically find mechari damaged and even then they DO have an internal repair system.

BUT being individuals there are plenty of reasons a mechari WOULDN’T put in for repairs- superstition about losing parts or custom mods, stubbornness, nostalgia for a dent or ‘scar’, attachment to their current chassis, paranoia and so on. All the same reasons why real people would refuse to seek treatment. Whatever the reason, for the most part the lack of repairs would be an internal justification as opposed to an outside inability to find help.

Few mechari would be created broken - Again for the greater good, individuals would be released from the foundry in perfect working order. They ARE complex machines so it is possible that certain minor imperfections would be allowed out so long as they didn’t impede their ability to serve or function. Times of war and other emergencies can drastically lower the foundries standards for what passes as ‘minor’.

There! That should help you get started with your RP journey and help you build a better mechari!

NOW on to the LINKS!!


Official Type Links - the direct from carbine info for mechari - the mechari wiki entry - the wildstar timeline USEFUL for coming up with a background for your older mechari. Remember- they are living history!


Articles I and others have put together - a quicker run down of RP -a colorful and poetic IC musing about age - Various ideas about sensory mechanisms - Core color and elemental balance - Core growth and the difference between inner and outer core - ideas on mind linking and affection - Mechari Replication


Mature Subjects- - if people are going to insist on bringing this up I’m going to at least cover it in a way that MAKES SOME SENSE.
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This is really one of the best bits of information I've read on Mechari. Also so many useful links! This will definitely be a goto page for Mechari information. In fact I liked it so much I made this!

Which should link right here and is easy to link and share.

Thanks for making this!
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