It had been an entire day since she'd woken from a coma, something that still sounded to Willow like something you put through your hair and not another word for a really long nap. She'd shrugged it off within the first hour of her waking as it was certainly faster to say and kinda fun too so she'd done what all folks do when they learn something new; she'd filed it in the back of her mind for later use. At least her tummy no longer hurt and for that she was incredibly happy but now she had other problems. Boredom.

Looking around the empty recovery room, Willow huffed for about the millionth time. No one else occupied any of the other beds and while that was certainly a good thing, it also left her with no one to talk to or play with. To top things off, things were pretty quiet around Port Vigil. Also a good thing and beat the alternative by a hyperspace leap but it meant that she had few people to pester in her frequent walks, something her doctors had insisted she take in order to stave off something that they'd referred to as 'a trophy'.

Hopping down from her bed, she decided to take another walk to pass the time. Only this time, she figured that she'd duck into one of the few shops around The Port and pick up a few things for her stay in an effort to hopefully keep herself occupied. Besides, there was still one or two items she could actually use to make her stay more comfortable. With her mind completely made up she nodded and headed out into the evening with wide-eyed wonder as all the possibilities ran through her mind like a jabbit who'd eaten one too many cookies of what she might be able to find while on her shopping adventure.

Humming and making up words to go along to the random tune, Willow waved and offered a smile to a patrolling guard as she made her way along the wooden boardwalk toward her destination. She'd learned after much trial and error that the guards around here took their jobs very seriously and didn't have time for things like idle conversation. This particular guard, a granok, returned her wave but had eyed her wearily as she past. He hadn't found it at all amusing when she'd hopped up on his shoulders so she could put a pretty flower in the moss he had for hair the last time they'd met. His loss really. That flower would have complimented the color of his rocky skin and brought out the color of his gemstone hued eyes to boot. Some people just couldn't be happy no matter what you tried to do to brighten their day, she supposed. Either that or the sour-faced guard figured the flower clashed with his uniform which made perfect sense now that she thought about it. At this revelation, Willow offered the guard an appreciative grin and continued on.

The evening air felt wonderfully cool against her skin and, while the wooden planks beneath her feet were a far cry from the comforts of feeling the grass between her toes, they weren't all that unpleasant really. Besides, she still didn't have the energy to bounce around or swing from the lamp posts, something else the guards didn't seem too fond of, so her brisk walk would have to do. Seeing that she'd finally arrived at the shop, she managed a twirl, complete with her very bestest impersonation of an aircraft, before coming in for a landing just inside the building's opening.

"Good evening valued cust... oh it's you..." came the almost tired sounding man behind the counter.

Not one to be rude, Willow hopped up on the counter so that she could properly address the tallee.

"Heya~! Long day? Ya theem ti'uhd, Mithtah Man." she chirped cheerfully as she offered him a grin in an effort to make him feel better. Oddly, his smile seemed strange to her, almost forced. Perhaps the slow day had taken it's toll and boredom had set in for him too. That thought made her little heart sink in her chest but she wouldn't let him see that as it would probably only further aggrivate his day. Instead she reached up and gave his cheek a friendly pinch and grinned wider.

"Yeah... That and I've had to deal with one or two annoying customers..." he said as he eyed her meaningfully, something that was lost on her completely.

"Ew annoying cuth'ta'muhth... You'ah day'll get bettah though, Ah'm shoe'ah tho don't fwett none~!"

"Kindly get down off the counter and get what you came for," came his grumpy reply.

It must be close to closing, she figured as she happily complied with his request. A fact that she totally understood, especially after a boring shift with less than optimal customers. He probably was very much looking forward to getting home and taking care of his garden or cuddling with his family or some such so she made up her mind right then and there to hurry so he could get home that much faster. To that end, she plucked up a shopping basket and sped her way down the isles, quickly taking in what was there for the grabbing and placing items in her basket as she did so.

So far, she had a hairbrush that had a flowery design on it's handle, a carrot plushie, some fruit snacks, a human-sized smiley face t-shirt that would serve as a nice night gown for her, and some nice smelling body soap, shampoo, and conditioner. Thinking she was just about finished her eyes caught something colorful and she nearly skidded to a stop as she realized what treasure she'd stumbled upon.

As she marveled at the pretty colors of, not only the packaging but also the item presented on it, her grabby hand took on a life of it's own as it reached up to pluck the item from it's former spot on the shelf. It was the latest in a line of sonic toothbrushes by Protostar, according to the packaging, but Willow didn't really care. What had caught her eye was it's pink color with lavender colored plasta-gems and intricate, multi-colored designs running up and down the handle. Everything about it simply screamed her name and gladly, she placed it in her basket with almost a reverence as she wondered why in the 'verse no one else had purchased it before her! Feeling a familiar surge of excitement in her chest, the tiny Aurin dashed her way over to where the toothpaste was and picked up her favorite flavored paste and made a bee-line for the counter, proudly heaving her find upon it so the grumpy, bored shopkeeper could ring her up. Not wanting to jinx her good fortune by daring to say anything before these treasures were actually hers, she didn't do anything more than smile and bounce on the balls of her feet as waited for him to ask her for payment which she offered gladly once he finally did. She even threw in some colored string and pocket lint as an extra special thank you!

Skipping her way down the boardwalk back to the recovery ward, Willow could barely contain her excitement! The first thing she would do when she got back was to try out her brandy new toothbrush. After that, the sky was the limit!!

Bursting through the door, she sped her way over to her bed and unceremoniously dumped her treasures out on it's warm, blanketty goodness before snatching up her new pink toothbrush of awesome as well as her paste of tastee wonder and skipped her way merrily into the ward's only bathroom. Hopping up on the counter, Willow tore open the colorful packaging that dared keep her from her treasures in a fever of excitement and set to the task of brushing her fangs as she hummed and bebopped along with her reflection in the mirror.

The almost-but-not-quite cherry flavor of the paste did not disappoint her tastebuds and before long, her mouth had disappeared in a marvelous froth. It was at that point when Willow got a wonderful idea that her eyes mischievously conveyed to her reflection and after nodding their combined approval, she hopped down and continued to brush as she made her way back to her bed. Setting down her toothbrush, she snatched up the carrot plush and made mock-screamy noises as it struggled to break free of her playful grasp!

"Ahhhh! Mad Oh'win! Mad Oh'wiiiiin!!!" came the carrot's terror stricken voice from Willow's frothy mouth!

Snarling, she set to the grizzly task of playfully nomming the plushie into frothy oblivion! It was at that point a nurse barged in on her fun and gasped as Willow fixed the unsuspecting nurse with her crazed, garned colored eyes, flattened her ears, fluffed her tail, and hissed as she put herself between the nurse and her plushie prey!

"What are you doing, Ms. Willowbrush?!" the nurse managed in her confusion.

Seeing the real terror in this woman's eyes, Willow ceased her frightful behavior, grinned up at the nurse with a frothy, toothy grin, perked her ears in friendly mirth, and simply replied, "Playin'!"

Rolling her eyes, the nurse couldn't help but chuckle as she left and closed the door to the sounds of Willow resuming her grizzly game of mad Aurin and meek Carrot.