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another pointless drabble





The times that came soon after landing on Nexus were a true test of spirit. And if any one people embodied spirit, it was the aurin.

Refugee camps turned from rudimentary shelter to something, maybe, resembling home. It would never be Arboria, but it would have to be enough.

Eventually, for most, it was enough. Tenders nurtured the local flora, the Watchers kept an eye out for threats, and villages that had once been hardly anything but tent cities were abuzz with chatter. No matter where you went, the tone was the same. Pleasant and cheery and happy.

Why was everyone so happy?

It was only those few years ago that an exhausted white-haired aurin girl found herself perching atop a boulder just a bit away from the marketplace. Sylvan Glade. So alive. So happy.

“An eye for an eye leaves everyone blind.”

She wiped her tears with her sleeve. Red and puffy eyes. Great. Why not make it obvious? Vulnerability was the last thing she needed.

And she’d snapped.

“Then let us fight in the dark! How can you just move on?!”

The other girl turned away. “Why can’t you?”

It seemed to Aya that everyone had sunken into a state of denial. Peace and love had always been the aurin way. Even now.

Each attempt to rally others for the cause ended with less and less even listening to begin with.

“If we start fighting back NOW, there’ll be less of them to stand in our way! Take them out and use their technology against them!”

Everyone else had a point. Too few in number, not enough manpower. Retaliation could be devastating. The queen was still in fragile condition.

She knew these to be true. But each protest pushed her farther and farther from those she’d once known as kin.

The last anyone heard from her for quite a time had been barely more than a whisper among the overpowering chatter and laughter.

“How will we ever get back home if we don’t even try?”

Ayana was mean.

“She lashes out so often!”

“Why doesn’t she ever smile?”

“It’s no wonder she’s always alone, with an attitude like that.”

“Does she think that she’s the only one hurting?”

From that day on, she tried her best to stay quiet. Don’t argue. Stand at the back of the room. Don’t make eye contact. Be polite. Don’t get involved.

But how long could it last?

Somebody had to do something. The clock was ticking.

Even light years away.
Posted Jan 1, 17 · OP
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Leaving this here for the time being: Pointless or not, I'm intrigued. Gonna wait patiently for more!
Posted Jan 1, 17