Hey folks

I figured I would make a thread to see if I could find any interested parties in something like this.

Considering my work schedule I am usually unable to log in during peak RP hours and find myself unable to RP in game as much as I would like. I am however able to keep a close eye on Discord and respond to messages much more freely on that platform.

I come from an RP background that heavily relied on chat rooms or instant messaging as the primary medium so I'm extremely used to utilizing it and playing multiple characters (PC and NPC) at once

As such I was looking to see if there were people interested in running private RP via messages in Discord.

There is also the WSRP IC RP server if we find a larger group of people interested in such as it largely goes largely unused (and only has maybe 21 people in it total?

If this interests you feel free to respond or shoot me a message on Discord (Foomy#1752) and we can start plotting something :3