I've decided to start a free service to create discord servers for anyone who wants them for a guild or social group. All you need to do is ask me in the game on Inquisitor Garack, or on discord as GarackTheMad#3666. You may also post in this thread.
What I will do:
  • Set up channels
  • Create roles
  • Assign privileges to roles and chats
  • Set up role hierarchy
  • Give a brief tutorial to the new owner
What I will not do:
  • Make discords for illegal activities
  • Run the server for you, once it's set up you do the administration, not me.
  • Become your personal discord assistant and tech support.
In addition, I reserve the right to not set one up for anyone I don't wish to, or stop setup at any point I see fit. This is a free service because I like setting up discords for fun. You're getting it for free, so don't whine.