((So once upon a time Kintallo wasn't afraid of splorgs. Then he was! Here is the chatlog of how it came to happen! Slightly edited for length and to remove OOC stuffs))

How Kintallo Came to Fear Splorgs

Kino Faithtail stares at her datachron, following a beeping! Holding onto her box of cookies and suddenly looks up. "Kin...Kintallo?"

Kintallo Bladetail , stuck in his wheelchair, growled and squeaked in distress as he tried to pull amorous splorgs off himself. "Hoi! Gerroff! I said gerroff!"

Kino Faithtail looks at her datachron again, then at the splorgs crawling all over Kintallo, nomming on his ears, licking his boots, and hugging onto his tail. "...uhm..." She then looks up at Mr. Snuggles atop her own head. The splorg looking just as confused.

Kintallo Bladetail plucked a splorg off himself, but two more latched on. Despite his frustrations, he was trying to keep his strength in check and had no intention of harming the pudgy worms. "Hoi! You! You're, like, a splorg expert, yeah?? Lend me a paw!"

Kino Faithtail "...uhm...uhm...why...why ..are..are...my..cookie-treated splorgs, uhm...hugging you? Also, should probably mention that, at first anyway? You...uhm..can't really hurt them...or, uhm..actually they..probably won't let anyone hurt you either...They're safety splorgs! Sort of. Kind of like Mr. Snuggles...only his..nanites are, uhm...a bit better than their's."

Kintallo Bladetail “Dunno nothin' 'bout splorgs. Just, get 'em off! Just came from bein' under the knife yeah? Can't have 'em slimin' up everything.”

Kino Faithtail hugs onto her tail, "A-a-actually, uhm...s-s-s-plorg saliva has..has...thirteen different uhm..antibiotics..but, uhm..why are..they all over you? They're..not supposed to do that..."

Kintallo Bladetail “I don't know! That's what I'm askin' you”

Kino Faithtail tries to pluck a splorg from Kintallo's head, but the moment she lets the creature go it tries to latch onto Kin's face.

Kintallo Bladetail got splorg in the face! He went rigid.

Kino Faithtail "Uhm...well...all of these splorgs? I ...gave a cookie to as...as part of the Elkhan Defense Project...."She tickles the back of the splorg on Kintallo's face, causing it to pop off from it's suction hold. Kino holds onto that splorg! Though it starts licking and slobbering all over Kintallo while in reach!

Kintallo Bladetail made unintelligible sounds of distress until Kino removed the splorg with a POP! He gasped for breath. "Cookies? Like what that greenhaired AUrin was givin' out two days ago?"

Kino Faithtail "Oh you mean Damie? Uh-huh..he..he was supposed to give just one cookie to ...to each splorg...But but but..I couldn't just leave the cookies in a pile..the..splorgs might eat more than one or or ...someone else might eat one and..they're not supposed to do that..."

Kintallo Bladetail "... I ate one. Well shit."

Kino Faithtail 's ears perk up and she looks worried. "You ate one!?"

Kintallo Bladetail “It was a cookie. I was hungry. Five second rule.”

Kino Faithtail "But but but they were made to to ...to only be consumed by by..splorgs! They..they had nanites and protien engines in them!"

Kintallo Bladetail “I have no idea what those are.”

Kino Faithtail "Also, uhm...that splorg? There? Seems to to ...to...be trying to mate with your tail..."
Kintallo Bladetail blinked slowly. He turned to hsi tail, which was draped across his lap, and let out a "BWAAAH!" before trying to pluck it off. The splorg lights up in a bright orange absorption shield when Kintallo tries to pull too hard.

Kino Faithtail "...uhm....well..uhm..the..the nanites s-s-s-should...wear off in a couple of weeks."

Kintallo Bladetail .”.. Weeks. So I'm stuck with splorgs slobberin' on me for weeks.”

Kino Faithtail "...uhm..they're...they're not self regenerating nanites..and ...were...chemically balanaced to..to a splorg's metabolism..not..an, uhm..aurin's..."

Kintallo Bladetail bared his teeth and tried to pull the splorg off. Surely plucking a splorg off can't be as difficult as lifting a boulder--- What the hell kind of nanites are these? The splorg lights up again! This time the shield encases Kintallo himself for several seconds before fading.

Kino Faithtail "Look! See, uhm..they're safety splorgs." She beams cheerfully, "They can keep you safe!"

Kintallo Bladetail “I don't understand a word you're sayin'! I ain't one o' them science-y egg-heads!”

Kino Faithtail "Oh, uhm...s-s-s-sorry...do..do you ..want me to leave you alone?"

Kintallo Bladetail “I want these things OFF!”

Kino Faithtail flinches a little. "...uhm...well...uhm...are you sure?"

Kintallo Bladetail “Yes!” A splorg attaches to the side of Kintallo's cheeks and starts slurping like a vaccuum cleaner.

Kino Faithtail "But...uhm..they'll..protect you?"

Kintallo Bladetail shivered and his fur stood on end. So not nice! “GET THEM OFF! NOW!”

Kino Faithtail wheels Kintallo's wheelchair around. "Okay, okay, uhm.....okay..have..have to go to..to..my home..it's just outside the gardens! In ...in celestion..." Kino Faithtail scoots the squeaky wheelchair off, a trail of splorgs behind them back to her home. She pushes Kintallo up to her tree and the grass, but stops suddenly, thinking. "I ...feel like, forgetting something..."

Kintallo Bladetail “What?”

Kino Faithtail looks up as a wave of at least 150 splorgs cascades through the grass and down the tree! Zeroing in on Kintallo!

Kintallo Bladetail “... “

Kino Faithtail "I forgot that I had a lot of splorgs here I gave cookies too!"

Kintallo Bladetail “...”

Kino Faithtail gets out of the way as the splorg wave reaches Kintallo!

Kintallo Bladetail “...”

Kintallo Bladetail 's face went into rigid stoicness as he was buried under a wave of splorg!

Kino Faithtail peeks up from the grass as Kintallo is covered in a mass of squirming, wiggling, squeaking splorgs! “...at..at least the splorgs are...are squeaking happily...."

Kintallo Bladetail raised a hand from the sea of splorg, only for it to disappear again.

Kino Faithtail politely pulls a splorg off at a time from the pile and sits it down. Each time she does, the splorg just jumps back into the pile. She starts to fret that Kintallo might suffocate! But no, splorgs are really thoughtful. They give him nose to splorg oxygen!

Kintallo Bladetail couldn't make a sound! But he panicked! Distressed by the crowding, he growled and snarled as he tried to pluck splorgs off him and throw them away.

Eryyk Kasivir follows the trail of splorg migration...

Kino Faithtail squeaks as splorgs sail through the air from Kintallo's splorg tossing! But before each landed they lite up in a safety shield and landed safely only to run back to the pile.

Chianne Ashengrove rides up on her hoverbike, following the line of Splorgs, squealing to a stop. “...the hell?” She murmurs, climbing off her bike.

Eryyk Kasivir activates a personal shield, and moves closer to get a look.

Kino Faithtail "Kin? Kintallo are...are you okay under there?"

Kino Faithtail gently pulls a few splorgs away and tries to wrap them up in her tail. "Oh, uhm...hi..."
Kintallo Bladetail , the panicked wheelchair bound Aurin was throwing splorgs off of himself. It was futile, as the chubby worms climbed righ tback on as soon as they were removed.

Chianne Ashengrove isn't exactly loud, but she is projecting - most anyone could hear hear loud and clear.“... Swear, splorgs. Hey, you need help, there!?”

Kino Faithtail 's splorg, Mr. Snuggles, seems completely unaffected and just sits atop her head.

Eryyk Kasivir sends a scanbot over Kintallo, it immediately scanning the pile, assessing Kintallo's condition, and that of the strange Splorg.

Kintallo Bladetail “GET 'EM OFF ME!”

Kino Faithtail "Uhm...well..s-s-s-sort of...think that Kintallo might be...uhm..un...un...unhappy."

Chianne Ashengrove “Y'don't say? Welp! Here goes.”

Eryyk Kasivir glances to Kino, and to the pile. Overhead, the scanbot inquires, "May we rescue him?"

Chianne Ashengrove dives over the wheelchair, grabbing and flinging splorg everywhere as she goes.

Kino Faithtail squeaks, covering her mouth as she sees splorgs flying through the air! But each splorg lights up in an absorption shield before landing. So they're safe. "T-t-t-t-think s-s-should t-t-try to get him..under the tree...where lab is...b-but please don't kick the splorgs!"

Chianne Ashengrove turns and charges the wheelchair again, fighting her way through mounds and mounds of splorg, violently hurling them in all directions. She eventually manages to gather an armful of them and toss them straight up. They rain down in the surrounding area like so much hail. Splorgs hurt when they hit you on the head. Ouch. Chianne's aggression causes the safety splorgs to snap on their nanites! Covering Kintallo in an absorption shield generated by at least half the splorg on him!

Eryyk Kasivir simply walks up, and would try to heft Kintallo into the air. He would glance to Kino, and nod. Eryyk Kasivir pokes the absorbtion shield before glancing at Kino

Kino Faithtail "It's okay....it..fades...I think...It's supposed to fade in...in ..ten seconds..."
Kintallo Bladetail clung onto the Mordesh like a panic-stricken cat.

Chianne Ashengrove punches the absorbtion shield... over... and over. “HAH! Take that, you squishy swarm of splorg! Swear, haven't had a brawl this good in almost a week!”

Eryyk Kasivir would try, carefully, to pick up the entire splorg/Kintallo/shield bundle!

Kino Faithtail flinches as each punch causes another splorg to light up a shield as the first one fades.

Eryyk Kasivir is partially augmented, and carries heavy armor typically, plus the Mordesh version of adrenalin is in overtime right now.

Kino Faithtail frets and tries to hold Chianne back from splorg violence! "Please..please be carefully Each time you..hit one it..turns on..a...a shield...and..though shield fades in..few seconds? There's so many that..they..rotating it...which is actually what they were supposed to do..."

Chianne Ashengrove pauses and pulls back. “Rotatin' you say? That's not fair fightin'.”

Eryyk Kasivir | Overhead, the scanbot inquires, "Sir, are you alright in there?"

Eryyk Kasivir would try to heft the Kintallo mess onto a shoulder, and looks to Kino. The Scanbot states, "Lead on."

Kino Faithtail has to shout over the squeaking splorgs. "Also, uhm..Kintallo? That..one splorg? I...I think it's trying to ...to mate with your tail again..."

Kintallo Bladetail kept trying to pluck and throw splorg off him. Having recently undergone surgery, however, he tired out quickly. He could only sit helplessly.

Chianne Ashengrove “Swear, that's a problem. How are we supposed to get him out from under there if we're - BLERGH!” Chianne Ashengrove tries to grab the Splorg off of Kin's tail and toss it, having clearly not learned her lesson the first fifty times.

Kino Faithtail "So...Erryk?"

Eryyk Kasivir tilts his head to the side.

Kino Faithtail "I..I think that if you shake Kintallo really hard? Then run through the door? The..splorgs, most of them, will get knocked off. And, can shut the door behind you."

Eryyk Kasivir nods. lightly give a pat-pat Kintallo on the (creature-covered) head reassuringly. The mordesh would then try to reach to exposed Aurin, and begins vibrating and shaking, as rapidly as he can, asessing optimal toss-timing.

Kino Faithtail opens the door as the splorgs start losing their hold!

Kintallo Bladetail was completely rigid. The Aurin had shut down!

Eryyk Kasivir tries momentarily to have his shield extend under the splorg-shield, failing. He notes the rate at which the Splorg are able to return, and decides the right second to go. NOW! He lunges thru the door!
Chianne Ashengrove does not slam the door shut, but she almost hits Kino in the face in a preemptive attempt to.

Kino Faithtail shuts the door as soon as Chianne gets in, listening to the splorgs scratch on the other side! "I...I think the door will hold them back..."

Kino Faithtail runs up the stairs, Kintallo only covered by a mere half dozen splorgs now that happily hug him.

Eryyk Kasivir begins trying to individually grab any remaining splorg, tossing them (softly) off the edge...only to find glass in the way.

Kino Faithtail "So, uhms...Kintallo? You...you ate a ...cookie?"

Chianne Ashengrove reaches forward and tries to grab a splorg in each arm.

Kintallo Bladetail had curled up into a rigid ball of fluff in his chair, not responding. He's shut down.

Kino Faithtail looks up at Eryyk, "AS...as part of of..the Elkhan Defense Project? I...made some cookies that..had nanites and and..protein engines and..keyed to a splorg's metabolism. It would make them safety splorgs! For..couple weeks......Elk could call them when..he was in trouble...but, uhm...Kintallo ate a cookie..."

Chianne Ashengrove “If we can hold on to two each, we should be okay. Swear, that was peculiar. Hey, is he alright? Also, A cookie? And now I'm even more confused.”

Eryyk Kasivir evaluates Kintallos condition... and does a splorg-count.

Kino Faithtail leans over to Kintallo. "Are...are you okay?" She holds onto two splorgs, one in her hand, another wrapped up in her tail. The creatures squirm trying to get back to Kintallo.

Eryyk Kasivir lifts a finger. He reaches to a hip pouch, and begins creating a medishot.

Kino Faithtail "I..I have a first aid station! T-t-t-this way."

Eryyk Kasivir carries, while formulating.

Chianne Ashengrove stares hungrily at the other side of the glass.

Kintallo Bladetail was still in a tight ball, unaware that he was safe.

Eryyk Kasivir would finish the medishot. A vomit-enducing one, and would immediately apply it to Kintallo.

Kino Faithtail "Kintallo? When..did you..eat the cookie?"

Chianne Ashengrove stares and shakes her head slowly. A splorg in Chianne's hands keeps trying to nom her ear.

Kintallo Bladetail uncurled a bit as he was injected. Snapped out of it, he shook himself. "Uh... Uh... Right before Miss Stillriver's shop opened... Oh by the Weave..." He put a hand to his stomach and looked pale.

Kino Faithtail "Wait that was..uhm..over a day ago...uhm..what was in the medishot?"

Eryyk Kasivir offers it over. A simple printed ingredient list is already on the cover, listing a couple vomit-inducing ingredients, as well as a light nutritional paste, and stomach-coating agent to minimize long-term effects.

Kino Faithtail takes one look at the list, and reaches for a bucket!

Kintallo Bladetail snatched the bucket and stuck his head in it as he emptied his guts.

Kino Faithtail features pinch up a little at the retching, but the splorgs wrapped up in her tail still squirm, wanting to get near Kintallo. "You..you shouldn't eat cookies if..you don't know where they came from."

Eryyk Kasivir lightly pat-pats Kintallos back, eventually helping move Kintallo to the bed, unless resisted?

Kintallo Bladetail lifted his head, shivering. "Knew where they came from... Another Aurin." He hardly resisted as he was moved. Kintallo Bladetail gestured with his head towards his mechanical right leg, which had very recently been surgically attached. "Leg... okay...?"

Eryyk Kasivir steps back, hands behind his back, watcking Kino. He peers at the leg, but makes sure to stay out of Kinos way. “Looks well.”

Chianne Ashengrove “... Might I ask... the hell do cookies have to do with anything?”

Kino Faithtail "..uhm..it..has some..some..splorg salvia on it, but it's okay! Splorg salvia contains thirteen different antibiotics! It's also really shiny now..see, uhm..the cookies? Were meant only to be eaten by splorgs. They..had nanites and ..protein engines in them...for the splorg's metabolism. Each cookie would have made the splorg a safety splorg! Like Mr. Snuggles..able to generate a shield! ...only, Mr. Snuggles' nanties are...better, these? Will fade in a couple of weeks. Originally? I..they were part of the Elkhan Defense Project!”

Chianne Ashengrove covers her mouth, failing miserably to cover her furious giggling “... So he ate splorg treats.”

Eryyk Kasivir glances without expression to Chianne, and back to Kino.

Kino Faithtail "I gave..elkhan a little device with a button on it that..if he was in trouble, he would push the button. And splorgs could some to his rescue and cover him! only, uhm...the device? Mediated the..response so. Maybe? Only..a ..uhm..fifty or so splorg might respond and not try to ...uhm...bury him...too much. I think. But....Kintallo ate a cookie."

Eryyk Kasivir summons a scanbot. It in turn begins a scan of active pheromones on Kintallo.

Kino Faithtail "Each splorg can make a safety shield that lasts for about ten seconds, like Mr. Snuggles, but since their are lots of splorg? When one shield fades, and takes a minute to recharge? Another splorg's can turn on! The..the nanites and ...protein engines? Link..link the splorgs together...first with scent, the protein engines making the pheromones, and the nanites creating the shields and responding to to..the signal from..the device I gave ...Elkhan..."

Eryyk Kasivir tilts his head slightly, studying Kintallo. The scan would focus on if the production is constant, and other unintended biological effects.

Kintallo Bladetail was still pale and shivering. He was NOT having a good day.

Kino Faithtail "Mr...Mr...uhm..Eryyk? I..I have a full body scanner down..downstairs..."

Eryyk Kasivir would begin formulating a new medi-shot, first to counter his earlier shot, second to increase energy levels somewhat.

Chianne Ashengrove” ... Hehehe... splorg cookies. I shouldn't be laughin', but swear...” Chianne's held splorgs start squirming in her grip and reaching to lick Kintallo as she brings them closer. Chianne Ashengrove squeezes them - maybe a little too hard. Causing both splorgs suddenly light up in absorption shields, covering and protecting Chianne too!

Eryyk Kasivir peers to Kino from his work. He nods., offering Kintallo a hand up? Helping or carrying him, depending on preference.

Kino Faithtail "Let's..take him to to ...to the scanner?"

Kintallo Bladetail is carried like a little Aurin baby!

Chianne Ashengrove “... Swear. Splorgs.”

Kino Faithtail "You don't like splorgs? They're really friendly! And good at hugs..."

Chianne Ashengrove shrugs, splorgs wobbling in her grasp. “They used to annoy me. They'd crowd my brain up. Now, though...don't /dis/like splorgs... usually. But they're everywhere.”

Kino Faithtail "I was giving them cookies..."

Eryyk Kasivir glances to Kino before peering at the scanner.”

Kino Faithtail "Uh-huh..in..inside..."

Kintallo Bladetail “... What is that thing?”

Eryyk Kasivir would enter. If scanned, there are devices in him that mask scanning. He would set Kintallo down in the scanner, and leave.

Kino Faithtail pulls a big handcrank! Then moves to the machine’s gearshift. It’s a six speed! "It's..it's a fully body primal resonance phased scanner...."

Chianne Ashengrove “Excuse me. Do we need to go hide behind a lead wall for safety or somethin?”

Kino Faithtail "Oh, no..it..it ..uhm..doesn't use radiation. I don't think. Though, uhm..the primal waves might..tickle a..little..."

Eryyk Kasivir studies the scanner, giving Kintallo a reassuring thumbs-up while doing so.

Kino Faithtail "Mr. Eryyk? There's...another display behind the wall.."

Chianne Ashengrove “... Ticklin's fine.”

Kintallo Bladetail was still pale and shaking, and the waves were ticklish. He let out soft sounds of distress.

Kino Faithtail turns the handcrank again. "So...uhm...Kintallo? Can...you hear me? You..still have...the nanites in..your system..."

Eryyk Kasivir monitors the displays. His scanbot moves to Kino, inquiring "Eryyk will monitor those. How may I help?"

Kino Faithtail "...uhm...think that..we're going to..have to find a way to..stop the protein engines. See, uhm..the nanites? Don't..don't work with ...with..aurin anatomy. They're made for splorgs! ...so, uhm..they'll..eventually just be filtered out...but...the protein engines? Need to...to...make something to neutrailize them."

Eryyk Kasivir | The scanbot notes, "So if he were to accelerate the filtration process? Drink plenty of water?"

Chianne Ashengrove “This is not only incredibly disturbin', but also rather adorable.”

Kintallo Bladetail looked miserable. The bat looked completely drained and weakened.

Kino Faithtail taps the screen. "Kintallo? Are...are you okay? How do you feel?"

Eryyk Kasivir | The scanbot hoves near Eryyk, as he sets a medi-shot on the wings. The bot balances the light load, hovering over to Kino. This shot lists a 'pick me up' as well as the earlier counteragents for the vomit-inducer. A very small dose of caffeine, formulated for Aurins to not cause hyperness is included.

Kino Faithtail picks it up carefully. "Uhm...okay, Mr...Mr. Eryyk."

Eryyk Kasivir reaches a hand around the corner, in view, and gives a thumbs-up.

Kino Faithtail pokes Kin with a medishot! "..uhm...uhm..hold..hold still, Kintallo?"

Kintallo Bladetail perked up slightly at the poking, then as a result of the medication taking effect. Now hungry, ravenous, from losing his lunch earlier. His stomach growling. “Hungry.”

Kino Faithtail "Oh, you need potatoers! They're good for you...think have some in the glass upstairs..."

Chianne Ashengrove” ... Swear, that's certainly a fast-actin' medishot.”

Eryyk Kasivir continues monitoring the display. His scanbot observing the 'live view'.

Kino Faithtail "We have to make something to turn off the protein engines..."

Chianne Ashengrove “Hungry. Hungry, he says. Hrm.”

Kintallo Bladetail needed to eat his own bodyweight in food everyday or he can literally starve in a couple of days. Bat Aurin.

Kino Faithtail "Chianne? There's...there's..some fruit upstairs...under the glass..."

Chianne Ashengrove I can go get some food of some sort while you're workin' on that?

Eryyk Kasivir usually works under combat conditions, so 'instant' is the only option.

Kino Faithtail "Mr. Eryyk? I think I know what to do!"

Chianne Ashengrove Yeah, I'll head up that way.

Kino Faithtail "Need to to..take him upstairs!"

Eryyk Kasivir first lightly pats Kin on the head. Then hefts him up.

Kintallo Bladetail is patted and picked up. He remained quiet.

Kino Faithtail starts mixing stuffs in the lab!

Chianne Ashengrove “Fruit... fruit... fruit...”

Kintallo Bladetail 's ears twitched at the sonar ping. Again, bat Aurin.

Chianne Ashengrove “Candle... Vind plushie... vase of flowers...fancy rock... more flowers... Ah, those're somethin' that looks edi-“

Kino Faithtail crawls up to the top of the shelf. "At..at the top..."

Chianne Ashengrove “... Are you not... okay. So are you gettin' the food, then?”

Kino Faithtail plucks off one fruit and hands the rest to Chianne. "Oh, uhm...no was...mixing something..."

Chianne Ashengrove “Oh. But that's the fruit right up there, isn't it?”

Kino Faithtail "Only..only needed this one..."

Eryyk Kasivir pokes Kino, motionoing at his cargo.

Kino Faithtail "....all...allmost done..."

Chianne Ashengrove holds up two bunches of some sort of globe-shaped fruit.

Eryyk Kasivir would lightly set Kintallo down.

Kintallo Bladetail saw the flowers. A long, thin tongue, designed for nectar and pollen, slipped out of his mouth as he tried to reach the vase. An eye turned towards the fruit.

Chianne Ashengrove holds the fruit out to Kintallo.

Kino Faithtail "I..don't usually have ...guests...."

Kintallo Bladetail reached out and snagged the fruit. He immediately sank his fangs into it.

Kino Faithtail produces...a ...COOKIE! “This will help!”

Chianne Ashengrove chuckles again and stands back, well away from the ravenously-hungry Aurin.

Kintallo Bladetail had already devoured the fruit. He stared at the cookie, then at Kino with some suspician.
Kino Faithtail reaches up to put the cookie into Mr. Snuggles' mouth atop her head. The splorg munches away happily.

Chianne Ashengrove “... Swear, if that one attracts... I dunno, Vind or Girrok or somethin', I am not sure I'll be able to help.”

Kino Faithtail "See, need to shut down the protein engines and...to do that? Can..need...antibodies and..need them attuned to the protein engines splorg...uhm...code...so, Mr. Snuggles!"

Chianne Ashengrove “Unless I can shoot them. I can shoot Vind or Girrok if they attack him, right?”

Kino Faithtail holds out the splorg to Kintallo. "Kin? Need..need to ...you to...uhm...kiss Mr. Snuggles."

Kino Faithtail || Mr. Snuggles is a lot calmer than any of the previous cookie splorgs who still try to squirm free to latch onto Kin.

Kino Faithtail "T-thank you for your help, Mr. Eryyk..."

Chianne Ashengrove is holding both splorg in one arm now.

Kino Faithtail holds out Mr. Snuggles to Kintallo's face! "Have...have to ...to kiss the splorg..."

Chianne Ashengrove “...”

Kintallo Bladetail stared at Mr. Snuggles. He leaned in, as if about to kiss the worm, before suddenly opening his mouth and trying to eat his head. Ravenous Aurin is still ravenous!

Kino Faithtail || Mr. Snuggles' safety shield kicks on! Covering Mr. Snuggles and Kino!

Chianne Ashengrove “There are two things involved in what is about to happen that I would like to disassociate myself from, verbally and clearly.”

Kino Faithtail "Eep! No don't eat Mr. Snuggles!"

Chianne Ashengrove “They both involve squirg and... Kintallo, was it? His mouth. That by itself is somewhat disturbin'.”

Kino Faithtail "But see? Mr. Snuggle's body is using the cookie I made to make an anti-protein for the protein engines in ..Kintallo that's ..that are making the...the phermones.." Kino Faithtail holds out Mr. Snuggles again, "Okay, Kin, kiss Mr. Snuggles. Don't eat! splorgs aren't for eating."

Kintallo Bladetail growled and grumbled. He quickly pecked the splorg. THen tried to eat him again.

Kino Faithtail || Mr. Snuggles dislocates his jaw, mouth expanding to slurp Kintallo with a gooey residue or splorg slobber! The splorgs in Chianne's hands stop squirming in their attempt to reach Kintallo. And now just look bored. So they start hugging her.

Kintallo Bladetail blinked dumbly as he was slobbered on yet again. At least he wasn't trying to eat Mr. Snuggles.

Kino Faithtail drops the splorgs she's holding. They run up and sniff at Kintallo, but get bored and start aimlessly wandering around. "Kin..Kintallo?" Kino Faithtail plucks some more fruit from the shelf and holds it out to him.

Chianne Ashengrove hugs the splorgs back!

Kintallo Bladetail didn't respond. He snatched the fruit and began devouring them like a starved chompacobra!

Chianne Ashengrove “See, now it's all adorable and not creepy! Except the splorg eating. That is still disturbin'.”

Kino Faithtail "Right, Kintallo? You shouldn't eat splorgs. They're not for eating. And and..some are really poisonious." Kino Faithtail happily rolls Kintallo out in his feeding frenzy! "Don't you feel better now?"

Kintallo Bladetail growled softly. Eating.

Kino Faithtail opens the door to a mass of over 150 splorgs!

Chianne Ashengrove “... Swear, that's a lot of splorgs.”

Kino Faithtail || Each and every splorg turns their head to stare at Kintallo!

Chianne Ashengrove “Do you have a plan to deal with all of those splorgs?”

Kintallo Bladetail , cheeks stuffed, stared wide-eyed at the splorgs.

Kino Faithtail || The splorgs sniff at the air, then get bored and start wandering away.

Kino Faithtail "It worked! Kintallo no longer smells like splorg!"