Katia has made a super neat, hecka useful RP Finder that lets you know where RP is at! What do you mean an RP finder? Well the addon lets you check where RP is at on each faction from one screen, in game, and is part of the Katia Builder Tool!

Please note, the list of houses for this tool is pooled from a collective spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is for open lots only. If you have a private lot or somewhere you do not want visited, simply just don't put that lot on the sheet and nobody will know its there! =)

How to use

Download the addon for the Katia Builder toolkit - https://mods.curse.com/ws-addons/wildstar/232284-katia-builder-toolkit

Once installed, you'll want to go to
https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/156MiQYju-wvI09DgYEN_-pX2MY5S9icGjMaZNp_xIug/edit#gid=1586376290 – This is a list of every open RP lot, sorted by faction and server at the bottom.

Once there, Highlight cell F6 and copy (Do not double click!)

Open up Wildstar

Type in /krp

At the bottom right of the window that pops up, delete the message in the window next to the update button

Paste the F6 cell into the field and hit update


Now you can type /krp whenever and a list of all lots will pop up. They will turn colors based on the amount of /say and /emote occurring at a lot, so you can see which open lots are active. Very useful and much recommend! =)