We can all agree the Dominion are a bunch of a** holes, but lets be real, they definitely know how to live in style! Well... I stole one of their ship, *insert evil Aurin laugh* and after clearing out all the booby traps and Chua dropping I'm happy to announce she is finally open to the public for business!

Below are a few things you can expect to find while onboard:

-The Court yard, a nice calming scenic area that connects the various parts of the ship in one central hub!

-The Arena! Wether it be fight to the death, Trial by Combat or a friendly game of Laser Tag! (Interactables included as long as I'm on the Plot)

-Looking for a new Tat? Stop on by and try the new state of the art, needless, laser Tat machine! Quick, and painless... well less pain...

-Hungry for some Sushi? Who isn't!? Stop on by for some of the best on this side of the Galaxy! (Also, I heard they give free reading from the Mystic upstairs if you order the Chef's Special!)

-Maybe you are feeling the need to get'chur groove on? Well stop on by club FLUX, where you can shake your tail feather to your hearts desire!

-Did someone say Gir?! (TACOS!!)

These are but a FEW of the things Star Ship Empire has to offer! Other enmities she has to offer are:
-A fully functions bank
-A high security prison facility
-A foundry / Forge / Crafting / Maintenance Area
-A fully operational Hanger Bay
-An Eldan Bath House
-An Arcade with its own Bowling Ally
-A Movie Theater
-A Mystic Shop
-A Small Art Gallery
-A Chapel... you know... what happens in Empire stays in Empire (;D)

Stop on by, RP events always welcome!
**Plot Owner: Chozen Bladz**