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This Is Me, a modern TMM-style profile addon

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Hey all, I'd like to tell you about This Is Me, an RP profile addon. Right now it offers you the ability to set a customized name, and a text description of arbitrary length. TMM-style multiple-choice options are coming later.

Unlike TMM, this addon saves profiles and keeps a counter to find out when people have updates. This reduces bandwidth requirements significantly. Obviously, the addition of arbitrary-length text profiles kind of counter-acts that, but it doesn't affect anything too significantly and will later be slowed down automatically if a lot of people are sending on the same channel at once, to prevent Wildstar's downstream throttling from kicking in. It already easily avoids Wildstar's upstream throttling by dividing messages into chunks smaller than 80 characters and sending one chunk per second.

It has some teething problems, as it is brand new, but a lot of people have been using it and seem pretty enthusiastic about it.
Posted Sep 25, 16 · OP · Last edited Sep 25, 16
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Maybe it's time to actually install an addon... (says the guy who's been working for weeks on a major skyplot project without Katia's toolkit).
Now with 100% more Tumblr!

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Posted Sep 26, 16
Alright, so I haven't been keeping this very up to date. I'd like to tell you folks about the new features I've added since that post.

- The list of characters will now highlight those who are currently online (or have been online in the past 2 minutes), and sort them above everyone else. Beyond that, the list is sorted alphatically by ingame name.

- Dropdown menus work properly, and include about half the options of TMM so far.

- Profile updates are automatically requested when a new one is seen, so you don't have to bother manually pressing update when someone goes online. (Only in TIM-0.3.6, currently not the default download on Find it in "other files")
Posted Oct 19, 16 · OP