Hey guys!

I'm working on making a junkyard on my character Brashi Sunfell! If you have any decor you don't want, can't sell, or don't care what the heck happens to it send it her way! I'll put it on her plot and it'll be used as though it were actual junk! Hoorah!

Also, I'll take FABkits but I'm not 100% sure I'll use them, what I don't use I'll put in the WSRP Newbies Guild bank for free grabs from other members, same goes for whatever decor I might not use!

There's also a ship on her plot that, once it's finished, will be a bar! Ran by a Ekose couple who never take of their helmets...wonder why...they will serve everything from Beer to tea and back again!

Anyway, thanks for the time and send forth the decor! Don't feel you have to but if you do I'll be greatly appreciative!