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Status of Roleplay on EU Dominion?

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Returned player from long ago here. Played at launch, RP'd quite a bit, then left. I've recently returned to check out how things are, but I haven't been able to find much RP on EU Dominion. Maybe I'm just not looking hard enough. I've tried asking a bit in the LFRP chat, but without much luck. Are there some particular places I should be, some particular times I should be online?

Posted Jul 7, 16 · OP · Last edited Jul 7, 16
Sadly, to my knowledge, Dominion RP on Jabbit isn't too alive right now (But if it was, generally good hours for RP is between 6-10pm BST). However, I have heard a lot of talk about plans to revive it, arrange a few events, start guilds/circles, etc. - people are willing to RP on Dominion but that initial kick start is needed.

There is a lot of discussion of said starting up of Dominion RP again on the Jabbit RP Discord server, which you can freely join at

I hope to see you around, cupcake!
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Posted Jul 8, 16
However, I have heard a lot of talk about plans to revive it, arrange a few events, start guilds/circles, etc. - people are willing to RP on Dominion but that initial kick start is needed.

Sadly, afaik, this is exactly the state the Dominion RP in EU has been in since launch. To my experience, there have always been plans to revive roleplay on the Dominion side as it wasn't quite as active as on Exile side.
Even when there was an active project, presenting a fully stocked Dominion military base with roleplay EACH NIGHT, dozens of skyplots connected for roleplay events like ancient ruins to discover, uncharted land to set foot on and lots of possibilities for settlers, military folks, scientists, adventures and the like, nobody came. Or at least, nobody stayed.

What we ended up with was a handfull of regulars, all the others either leaving Wildstar completely or returning to "Aurin fluff" after a day or two.

It felt like setting up an adventure park for everyone and all you had to do to join was come, but nobody came to visit because they all had their smartphone games.

An "initial kickstart" won't do. You need to keep the players entertained. Or else they'll return to "Aurin bar rp" the other day. That is the sad truth and the experience I made.

I don't know what the plans are to "revive Dominion RP" and I'd be one of the first to join in, as I love Dominion, but I doubt it'll last.
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Posted Nov 7, 16
There are some new talks about starting the Domnion RP again these days, hoping the cross-faction housing feature will encourage for more players to come.
Can't say much more about it since I have this information only from second hand and I don't want to fable with some misleading statements. So all I can really say is: it is here again.
Posted Nov 7, 16
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Which meeans, people don't necessarily have to choose between awesome Dominion Projects and Aurin Fluff anymore. I'm excited. So I'll be back too : )
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Posted Nov 9, 16
If there's anything we can do (Either the WSRP staff or NA players in general) to help promote/advertise the side of EU RP, please let us know! Have been linking people to the Discord Jabbit at least, so I hope this new patch helps the RP there. ^_^
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Posted Nov 9, 16
So, i just came back to Wildstar after a long break and seeing this cross faction patch happening, hoping there would be more Dominion rp happening.. Why is Dominion rp on EU either dead, or so hard to find?
Posted Dec 23, 16
General preference for the Exile theme, in no small part due to relativly biosed view of Dominion = Evil Empire that new players might have. I think, I don't know these are just my two cents on the topic.

Also, most of the EU community seems to not really use the forum to begin with and prefers to stick to the Discord channel, so if people wander around these forums and look for EU activity they'll find pretty much nothing. If it helps, a couple of friends are making a space ship plot.
The theme is neutral now, but we used to have a Dominion only circle as mentioned above, it went out after the launch of Black Desert and the lack of new recruits, a shame since it was one of my favourite rp plots since the WoW times.

The recent change from Dominion only to Neutral space faring adventures is due in part to the recent removal of the housing factions limit, and to follow up a loose story left after the end of the first house. Check Sorely Gizzix plot to get an idea, being a space ship + port one can't just hop in and start rping of course. But at least one can get started.
If anyone here as a public plot to use for random social interactions rather it would be nice to know.
Posted Dec 23, 16 · Last edited Dec 23, 16