Magpie's commissions to fix her laptop!

Hello! I have recently started doing commissions because my laptop has been out of action for a while and I'm in dire need of getting it fixed. (Though I had been wanting to give it a shot anyway)
Pricing and examples of my art are here. The prices range from $3 to $10 but I will accept more if you want extra detail (this could be anything)
I really love drawing and although I am fairly new to digital art I'll try my hardest to do your character justice.
Please email me at or drop me a message on Tumblr if you are interested, I would greatly appreciate it!
From you I will need as many references as you can provide for what your character looks like (please mention extra details such as scars, freckles etc) and the clothes they wear. Also, a brief intro to their personality would be useful, or you can give me exact instructions on pose, expressions, etc.
Also, no NSFW, though I will accept some waist up nudity and a moderate amount of gore. (This might affect pricing and can be discussed)

Thank you so much! And I'll look forward to maybe having the pleasure of drawing your character :3