For many role players, the hardest part of getting involved is taking that first step into the community. Wildstar is a huge place, and breaking into the server scene can seem like a daunting task when you don’t already know somebody who can help you. If you find yourself sitting in a corner by yourself more often than not, try some of the suggestions below! Unfortunately, this guide isn’t designed to turn shy players into social butterflies, but with any luck it will give you some simple tips and tricks to make your character more desirable and easier to approach and start your first story with!


Is your character approachable?

One of the most often forgotten and simple fixes to a lack of RP is that the character in question just isn’t approachable! From being extremely tall to too quiet, the reasons for someone not approaching you could be far and wide. Have a look at the list below and see if any of your characters fall into these categories!

  • Don’t be so intimidating! Think about this for a moment: would you walk up to a hulk of a man with a bunch of weapons and a scary expression in real life? Of course not! While this may be a fantasy setting, real life stigmas still apply and players will with some predictability act with their characters as they might act themselves. Toning down the inner bad ass helps a lot!
  • Does this character make sense? Hey, sometimes this happens and it’s always a good idea to double check yourself. The world we live in is a strange mix of high fantasy and sci-fi with an almost terrifying amount of possibilities. Do some research on the concepts you're interested in before you take the leap into the public sphere!
  • The Belle of The Bar. Does your character keep to themselves or have their face stuck in a book? Perhaps they’re very quiet and reserved, and find themselves sitting a corner of the room waiting for interaction. Shyness is a difficult thing to overcome, but wallflower characters don’t draw attention to themselves! There’s a fix for this… and we’re getting to that!
What’s your hook?

So your character has been toned down or toned up as appropriate, but now what? One of the simplest ways to get someone’s attention is to have your own special hook. Much like fishing, the hook will attract your “bait” and reel them in for a potential catch!

  • Be doing something. Rather than simply sitting about and waiting for someone to come to you, why not emote to yourself a bit? What is your character doing while they’re sitting there? Maybe they’re reading a book, drinking some ale, working on some paperwork for their guild, or even creating battle plans. Emote it out with some detail! Someone might find your character’s work intriguing.
  • Be the initiator! Is someone else sitting alone in the bar like yourself? Walk your character over there and ask to sit beside them! Perhaps they were just like you, waiting for someone to appear. Your conversation doesn’t have to be deep and detailed, something as simple as the weather can lead into much more interesting things.
One of the most important parts of communication are just that; communicating! To anybody who’s ever read the book, “How to Make Friends and Influence People”, almost all of the advice given for real life scenarios work in role play as well because let’s face it, we’re all humans and we love to talk about ourselves. The smallest gestures make a huge difference in how you and your character are received, and I’ll leave it with this quote from that very book:

"You will make more friends in ten minutes by being genuinely interested in people, than you would in ten years by trying to get people interested in you."

Leave something to be desired!

As much as we’d love to tell a player our character’s entire life story in one sitting, it just isn’t conducive to future RP continuation. Treat your first role play experience as a first date; leave something to be desired! Give the other player’s character a reason to come find you again. Your first conversation should be nothing but getting to know the person your character is sitting beside. Need some conversation starters? Try these!

  • Where are they from?
  • What do they do for a living?
  • What are they interested in? What were they doing at that time?
  • Do they have any family? Where are they?

Any of these can lead into a much larger discussion, and perhaps even some adventure! Maybe your character is interested in something, and that character just happens to have experience in that. Maybe your characters were born in the same area, or fight for the same cause. Look for the small queues and hints and build upon what you receive; you may very well gain yourself a new friend for many weeks or years to come.

End on a friendly note!

Regardless of the outcome, it’s always considered good sportsmanship to thank the person for their time. It makes your new partner feel as if they’re appreciated and may give them a reason to contact you in the future for other stories or ideas. You don’t have to give them anything complicated, a simple (( Thanks for the RP, it was fun! )) is often good enough to establish a friendly relationship. The kinder and more welcoming you are, the more friends you will inevitably make and eventually keep.

Role playing is no easy task, but by examining the things above and giving your character some life and reason for being, you’re much more likely to have a successful first contact that lasts. Eventually the players around you will notice your character, and before you know it you may even gain a fan or two and be able to give those people the very same advice. Pass it on, and make your server a better place for everybody to play!

Thanks for reading, don’t forget to comment or throw in your own ideas!