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[Ent] [Open] Hunting the Sun

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((OOC stuffs:: Hey all. I'm Censored and I'm new to both Wildstar and RPing in an MMO. I've tried going to a few events and I find myself nervous and having a hard time contributing. It's possible that my natural disinclination towards small talk is making it hard to RP small talk or the environment might just be a tad fast paced for me right now. Anywho, I guess I thought I'd try for something that will involve less crowds and more plot. We'll see how it plays out. Hopefully I formatted this right. Also if there is anything that isn't lore-friendly give me a heads up.))

Posted on a bounty hunting holonet board under the Aurin heading.

Salutations. My name is Keros Demrick ((Toon name is Keros Redripper)) and I'm a recent arrival here on Nexus. I was sent here by my foster father to track down one of the exile terrorists known as Feral Sun. I'm embarrassed to admit this has proven more challenging than I expected and so I am posting the information I've gathered below in hopes that someone can find something I've missed.

Name: Unknown
Alias: Feral Sun
Race: Aurin
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male (Unconfirmed)

The terrorist known as Feral Sun is best known for his attacks on the {{Information Redacted}}, a series of secret research facilities studying {{Information Redacted}} located at {{Information Redacted}}. Feral Sun seems to specialize in guerrilla tactics and has been seen wielding either a Psy Blade and Mag Pistols (seems to change from attack to attack).

Feral Sun keeps a blog, showing holos of his attacks (link attached at bottom).

It's not much to go on but the tree rat isn't leaving much in it's wake other than a crater and some ash. The explosions used to destroy the facility after s/he is finished is either the result of a Psy explosion or a homemade explosive.

My foster father refused to allow me to share more information on the research facilities on this board, however if you send me a proper clearance code, ICI or high level Cassian government, I can tell you a bit more.

The link at the bottom of the post leads a blog page labeled The Feral Revolt. There are a variety of holo images showing a masked Aurin taking a selfie with the corpses of Chua and Cassian scientists as well as a couple of holos of explosions. The blog text reads like an anti-Chua manifesto.
Posted Apr 6, 16 · OP · Last edited Apr 7, 16
This is the latest entry on the blog The Feral Revolt.

Arboria shall rise again!

Greetings fellow Exiles! It's Feral Sun here and let me tell you, today has been one hell of a day. I get back from from work today, you know slaughtering dommie bastards,

The text is interrupted but a holo image of an Aurin with his arm wrapped around the shoulders of a dead Chua, the Aurin holds up a pair of fingers behind the Chua's head to imitate ears. The Chua's biological ears have been cut off and now adorn a necklace hanging from the Aurin's neck. The Aurin's face is covered by a half mask, only leaving it's giant smile revealed. A pair of large round ears protrude out above the mask.

to find out that Cassian prick has sent some specialist to investigate my work. Like, that shithead finally took notice. Of course it sounds like this 'specialist' is really his no-name foster kid. Some Drakan that was once known as Keros Redripper before Forian tamed and neutered the thing. My sources tell me it doesn't even use it's Drakan name anymore. Hoo boy!

Still, it's nice to have your efforts recognized. It'll be even nicer when I send little bits of Keros back to Forian wrapped in Chua hide.

In other news, I've almost got a base camp set-up which, as you all know, means it's almost time for me to tell you have Forian Demrick's Super Secret Plan to Ruin Your Day. Don't want to attract too much attention just yet, or our Cassian friend might just send a real bounty hunter after me instead of some baby faced lizard.

Wellp, that's all Exiles. I'll talk to ya'll again when I finish setting up my defences. For now kill a couple fuzzballs for me and have yourselves a jolly day!
Posted Apr 6, 16 · OP