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Arcterra Patch Day Announcement!

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Arcterra is coming out today woot! This is the first content patch since F2P and it's been a long time coming!

As is usually the case with content patches, a lot of people who used to play may pick up the game again! So this post is kind of a what we can do to help build our community.

If anyone sees someone looking for RP, try and direct them to this site and the /chjoin WSRP - If anyone wants to advertise either in zone chats, even better! (though with the channel, may want to advertise in tells or ask if anyone is interested in the RP community to send you a tell)

It's always important when people join or play that their first reaction will color their view of the community, and we've always been in my opinion the nice, helpful one that's really trying to build a fun atmosphere. I've played a few other MMOs, and I really think that kind of makes our community unique in that regard so anything you guys can do to help out with getting the new players involved, the better!

If you can't help, I still appreciate you reading this! =)
Posted Mar 30, 16 · OP
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I'll definitely keep an eye out! I mean, I always direct people interested in rp this way anyways, so business as usual XD
Posted Mar 30, 16
From what I could catch before the hotfix. It looks good. Very much so, this is the kind of content I hope will keep players something to do outside of end tier raids and dungeons.
Something the game missed. Altough so far I saw mostly housing rewards, not my cup of tea.

Still, I'm aiming for the icebreaker mount.
Posted Mar 30, 16 · Last edited Mar 30, 16
Will do, Peppy Pep! Though probably not until tomorrow or Fri, as I have irl tonight. Sorry!
Posted Mar 30, 16
Since I am sub-level 20 at the moment (really, I should spend more time leveling and use up some of these experience flasks I've been hording) I am sure that I'll get around to seeing this new content.... eventually! For me, a lot of the content is new anyway, so... hurray?

But yeah, I always keep a keen eye open for possible role players.
Posted Mar 30, 16
The area of Arcterra is really amazing! They did a great job with this zone and a lot of really great housing decor added (Both in the housing vendor and in Arcterra itself.)

I already got involved in a short little open RP at Arcterra too, with the Exiles and Dominion right next to each other, one can expect some cross faction, open world RP on occasion too. Hats off to Cyrilla and Crow there!

And just a reminder out there for any Dominion Citizens, all Dominion Citizens guild can invite. So if you see new RPers or even alts that need a guild, toss them an invite. I try to help with that where I can (Swapping to my character for it) but I'll be gone much of this weekend out of town so missing a bit of the new rush. Be welcoming and friendly to new people and make sure to let them know that yes, Wildstar is active, alive, and still lots of fun. Lots to do out there both in RP and in game content too!

Have fun and stay warm!
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Posted Mar 31, 16
I look forward to some blood-in-the-snow style rp with the Dommies. Steef needs to be beat up more often.
Posted Apr 2, 16