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Computers ((OOC help))

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So I haven't done a full out of character introduction about myself towards you guys and I figured out for myself. I might aswell do it now in the meantime I am waiting for people to get online but to keep it short.

I've done a IT Engineering Education on level 4 gradation and passed my exams with B+, A's on it. And since I am still looking for a job to get. I want to offer you all my expertise upon computers for free of course. Like you guys are an awesome community and since I cannot pay you back in currency yet. I figured for myself that I want to help you guys maintaining your computer/laptop as good as I can.

What does this mean?
This basically means you will get the following services offered.

- Malware remover every week.
- Expertise on computers.
- Knowledge about computers (AMA)
- An awesome community member.

Give me a private message if I can ever do something for you or if you want expertise on what you can get from a budget build and the expectations from that aswell as it's performance in games.

Anyways, cheerio.

Services will be available throughout 12 PM EST - 22 PM EST. From Monday till Sunday.
Posted Mar 29, 16 · OP
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Awesome. Good luck with the job hunt :). I'll get back to you on some build advice after i speak with my nephew about what he is looking for. :)
Of course I am paying attention. Oh SHINNY! *stops paying attention*
Posted Mar 30, 16