This topic will be dedicated to housing plots which are open for players to open them if no staff are present, as well as players who are willing to host/staff events. If you want your name/plot listed here, please contact Inquisitor Garack with your information filled out as shown below. If you want your plot/name unlisted or edited, do not hesitate to contact me in Discord, in game, or via the forum topic.
Spoiler: For Plot OwnersShow
Spoiler: For Hosts/StaffShow
Spoiler: Downtown Illium (The Foxy Cassian)Show
Spoiler: Evindra Imperial ParkShow
Spoiler: Sunshade PlazaShow
Spoiler: Fort HopeShow
Spoiler: Shrine on the HillShow
Spoiler: Moonlight RetreatShow
Spoiler: Kahlua Tikitiki Bar & GrillShow
Spoiler: Jelena OrganpopperShow
Spoiler: Vincentio Thorne (Vince)Show
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