Hello guys! So, hoverboards! We all(at least most) love 'em. And i'm sure a lot of people out there have unanswered lore-questions about them, a lot of which do, in fact, have answers. Now, whether this is because they missed out on zPrix, or simply because they never realised it was there (as I believe the hoverboard lore was only available during that timee), a lot of people seem to have missed out on filling their in-game lore tab with juicy hoverboard lore. Which sucks. Because Roleplayers like myself, and non-Roleplayers alike, are probably damn curious!

Which is why i'll be typing down everything there is in the lore tab, and posting it here for those who missed out, or simply didn't know it existed in the first place!

Now the most popular and widespread mode of personal transport in the galaxy, these surprisingly simple vechiles were invented a few decades ago by Cassian engineer Galian Zemmet, known as "Doc" to his friends and colleagues.

The first hoverboards were square and blocky creations, but when the inventor saw how neighborhood children modified his prototype to perform stunts and hold competitive races on the mean streets of Cassus's lowborn quarters, he realized he had a potentially groundbreaking (and highly profitable) new product on his hands.

Within just a few years, sales of Doc's homemade hoverboards soared into the stratosphere and made the lowborn scientist, as well as his new compan zemTech, a household name on Cassus. But he knew that Dominion law would ultimately restrict his ability to make hoverboards the new standard for personal transportation in the galaxy. Therefore, in an act that has been hailed as both marketing genius and complete insanity, he made his designs public. This meant that anyone with the engineering know-how could produce their own hoverboards - even the most down-and-out Exile could cobble together a simple hoverboard using a cheap zemTech do-it-yourself kit.

Even though popular alternatives made by Protostar and other manufacturers caught on, zemTech remains to this day the gold standard for the hoverboards among enthusiasts. This has allowed Dox Zemmet, in his golden years but going stronger than ever, to become an independent market force in the galaxy despite his status as a Dominion citizen. He's simply too popular, and zemTech too large, to make pursuing charges against the godfather of hoverboards a smart move for the Dominion goverment. As long as Zemmet does not pursue hoverboard weaponization - a policy forbidden at zemTech - the Dominion tolerates his operations. They have little economic choice.




"To celebrate the popularity and ubiquity of hoverboards on the planet Nexus, zemTech's Doc Zemmet recently announced the hoverboard zPrix Invitational - a Nexus-wide celebration of hoverboards featuringtimed races to be run on what the company's press release calls 'the most scenic courses to be found beyond the fringe!' The first of what promises to be an annual event celebrating the invention of this remarkable technology is to be run on three inaugural 'zTracks' in the regions of Celestion, Deradune and Whitevale. Those who wish to participate, must do so with caution - while zemTech happily deals with any customers regardless of their factional loyalties, Exiles racing through Dominion territory (and vice versa) will be responsible for their own safety."

-News article excerpt from the Protostar Smart Shopper Newsfeed



Galian "Doc" Zemmet

The son of a lowborn hoverbike mechanic, Galian "Doc" Zemmet likes to say he "grew up with a hyperwrench in his hand and learn to read from hoverbike schematics." He claims he earned his nickname from bikers who hung around the shop and called him "the Doctor" because he always had his nose in engineering texts.

Doc was still a young apprentice mechanic in his father's shop when, after banging his head on a low shelf and knocking himself briefly unconcious, he awoke with a vision of four basic principles that would define the hoverboard: a power source, a propulsion hoverdisc, a steering hoverdisc, and a board to bring them all together.

Doc built the first prototype that very day, but nearly died in the process. "It turns out," he would recollect in his best-selling autobiography 1.21 Gigazaps: The Doc Zemmet story, "I forgot to add a throttle." That first hoverboard started accelerating and Doc had no way to slow it down, forcing him to bail out over a reflecting pool in the town square and sending the prototype crashing into the local city hall. After paying the damages and adding a throttle control to the hoverboard, the second test was much more successful.

The hoverboard was an immediate hit, and when Doc made his designs public, he spawned legions of imitators. Doc didn't care: "I know I make the best 'boards in the galaxy," he said, "So I'm not worried. As long as people are riding." Still, he ensured his new company, zemTech, stayed on the cutting edge of hoverboard research and development. To this day, they are the gold standard for hoverboards - and zemTech is one of the most powerful corporations in the galaxy, rivaling even Protostar in pure profitability.

Despite his advancing age, Doc Zemmet remains the pesident and CEO of zemTech and continues to spendtime working in the company's R&C department, building the next generation of hoverboarding technology. He could retire at any time- his personal wealth is said to rival even the emperor's - but he often says he will die in his shop with a hyperwrench in his hand.




"Oh sure, I know ol' DOc. He and I've bumped into each other on more'n one occasion. For a Dommie he ain't such a bad sort - don't seem to care much what the emperor thinks about him dealin' equally with Exiles and Dommies, that's for certain. And he can afford not to care, sparky! Now, somethin' you might not realize is, he provided me one of his ol' prototypes to take with me on my hunt for Nexus, and I damn well used it to explore a lot of those first landin' zones. An honorable feller, he is, and one who recognizes the greater good when he sees it. Then there's the bet, of course. Whoever dies of old age first has to pay for the other's funeral. No way i'm losin' THAT one, Doc!"
- Dorian Walker

Hoverboard Design

All hoverboards, no matter the manufacturer, require at least four essential components:

- A throttle-capped, gravity-driven propulsion disc positioned at the aft underside of the board that provides forward locomotion as well as one-half of the lift field.

- A direction disc on the forward underside of the board that responds to minute shifts in position and movement to allow the rider to effortlessly steer.

- The board itself (commonly called a "deck").

- A fusion capacitor battery which recycles the motion of the hoverboard itself to maintain a nearly limitless - albeit small - power source.

Since their invention several decades ago on Cassus, hoverboard designs of wildly varying types have appeared all over the galaxy, but nowhere has Doc Zemmet's creation been more popular or practical than on the newly discovered planet Nexus. First arriving on the planet with Dorian Walker himself (Doc Zemmet named the "LeDorian" hoverboard accessories after his old Exile friend), hoverboards proved an incredibly useful and portable mode of transportation for every new arrival, especially explorers. The hoverboard's ability to traverse open water was especially handy, and their light weight made them perfect for regions without roads - of which there are many on Nexus.




"Where we're going, we don't need roads. We have hoverboards."

- Tagline of a zemTech advertising campaign launched mere months after the discovery of Nexus