I can draw a lot of things but some I don’t feel comfortable doing. This includes: excessive gore and discrimination against race, gender, religion, etc. As for NSFW, artistic/tasteful nudity is not a problem but I’ll only draw mild explicit sexual scene on a per case basis. Of course, I reserve the right to refuse commissions on other themes I may feel uncomfortable to draw.

- Chibi // 20$ (always cell shaded colors)
(Example 2 | Example 3)

- Lineart+Flat Colors // Bust 20$ - ¾ 30$ - Full 40$
(Example 2 | Example 3 )

-Full colors // Bust 30$ - ¾ 60$ - Full 70$
(Example 2 | Example 3)

*No background or if one is added, it’s very simple/design
+ Extra character are the same price minus 5$
++ The price may go up if the complexity of the drawing or the amount of details is exceedingly high
+++ If you’d like something that is not listed, just contact me! I also can draw other things like logos, banners, etc.

*** Note that all prices are listed in Canadian dollars ***
Payment in full through Paypal before beginning of work

- Email at koad13@yahoo.ca
- Send me an ask directly on Tumblr
CuteMilee | SensualMilee (nsfw) | Deviantart