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Aurin Tribes

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The harsh winters of the Verdune sound very reasonable, especially when extrapolating other lore info. In Malgrave there are some rather mean aurin called the Thorns of Arboria, and the lore entry for them specifically mentions a place called the Dunelands that seemed desert-like. A northern desert is very interesting, but at first doesn't seem germaine. However... from Twitter:

Lore Q for @Pappylicious - Arboria Dunelands are described as northern, near the coniferous verdune. Would the climate be akin to the Gobi?

Chad Moore
Yes. I can see the parallels. Go with it!

So, there we have it. Given the harshness of the cold Gobi winter, the similar-latitude Verdune would likely have very harsh winters indeed.
Posted Aug 25, 16
I have a snowy aurin named Zane Iceshard from a northern mountain village if you wanna make some headcannon/lore, it was named North Peak.
Posted Aug 25, 16
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